Barack Obama’s Speech in Berlin

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July 24, 2008


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Barack Obama at the Victory Column in Berlin

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Decoding Obama on Iraq by Anthony Arnove


6 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Speech in Berlin

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  2. Meike, thanks for the link and your comments.

    We do have other choices, sort of. The third party candidates have to work very, very hard to get on the ballots in each state. In the past, the Democratic Party (incredibly undemocratically) has made it difficult for Nader to get on the ballot in some states.

    There’s not much difference between the two candidates (Dem and Repub); both are beholden to the corporations who got them where they are today, the nominees of their respective parties.

    Allowing third party candidates in the debates would be a huge step forward in getting the platforms of the third party candidates out to millions of Amerikans. Will it happen? I’m not holding my breath.

  3. I Just like to give you a link to German press (Der Spiegel in english ) and my view on it.
    Of course there was and is a big Obama hype here in Europe and especially in Germany, but people and the press are not totally uncritical. The majority of Germans are against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obamas plan to put more troops into Afghanistan and to concentrate there is something no one here really likes–if not to say most people think its not going to be any different than what the soviets experienced there in the 80ties. From what made it to the press, there was protest, but of course very little,1518,567633,00.html no banners or anything was allowed… I just think germans – well the entire rest of the world outside the US – simply wants to get rid of this Bush idiot and all the terrorists around him – Obama is just the less of an evil – and there is simply no choice- right?
    Either him or that senile Mc midget with facioplegia who reminds me of Reagan in his end-stage Alzheimer.

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  5. yes, more kool aid…. we should have no hope …. ever again….
    down on everyone !!! down on anything positive !!! everyone is fucked….

  6. For some reason, everyone neglects to mention that Obama spoke at a Free Concert.

    Maybe all those thousands of young Germans turned up for the two bands that were playing instead of coming to hear a speach in english.

    Nah, Obama’s charisma is so powerful it transcends language.

    More Kool Aid anyone?

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