Countdown: Obama’s Speech in Berlin + Obama + Campaign Gaffes

Dandelion Salad

July 24, 2008


Obama’s Speech in Berlin

Keith reports on Obama’s speech in Berlin and talks to Richard Wolffe about how it was received.

Brian Williams Interviews Obama

Keith airs a portion of the Brian Williams interview with Barack Obama in Germany.


Tonight’s: Obama-Gate, Nexus of Politics and Terror-Gate and FEMA-Gate.

Double Talk Express Campaign Gaffes

Keith reports on the litany of gaffes that John McCain has made, including a newly discovered one from the Katie Couric interview from Cenk Uygur from the Young Turks. Eugene Robinson weighs in.

Worst Person

And the winner is…Duncan Hunter. Runners up Ben Stein and Bill O’Reilly.


Barack Obama’s Speech in Berlin

Decoding Obama on Iraq by Anthony Arnove


6 thoughts on “Countdown: Obama’s Speech in Berlin + Obama + Campaign Gaffes

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  3. dandelionsalad,

    Let me apologize. I wasn’t trying to advertise my blog,
    Thought it was necessary. Won’t happen again.

  4. atomcat, please don’t use my blog to advertise your blog. If any of my readers are interested in you, they can click your name to go to your blog. You’ve done this before and I have said the same thing. I’m not here to advertise your blog with points of view I don’t agree with.

    I do agree about voting third parties, though.

  5. Obama brings the New World Order to America.
    Read the story then read the Green Agenda to visit the future.
    November is going to be interesting.
    If you vote for the “Left” It’s rule by the UN.
    If you vote for the “Right” America will be integrated with Mexico and Canada.
    The people of America need to vote for anyone, except Obama or McCain.
    Pick someone and everybody vote for that person.
    Take America Back now or say goodbye to the land of the free.
    The choice is yours America.


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