Tell Congress: Reject Endless War and a Torture Cover-Up + video

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July 2008

Tell Congress: Reject Endless War and a Torture Cover-Up

No laughing matter

This sounds so outrageous, it seems like a joke or something out of “The Onion.”

Attorney General Michael Mukasey is demanding that Congress issue a new declaration of war so that anyone that this president or the next one declares to be an “enemy combatant” can be held indefinitely without a trial.

The new declaration of war would make the entire globe — including the United States itself — a “battlefield” where the president decides who will be locked up forever.

With only five weeks left in the Congressional schedule and only six months left in the Bush presidency, Mukasey’s ridiculous power grab should be laughed out of town. But given this Congress’ track record, the Mukasey proposal is no laughing matter. Especially because it also includes a cover-up of the Bush administration’s systemic torture and abuse of detainees.

We can’t take for granted that Congress will reject this outrageous proposal. We have to meet it with an immediate wall of protest that says to Congress: “Don’t you dare.”

I just told my members of Congress to reject the dangerous Bush/Mukasey plan. You can do the same thing here:


Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Enemy Combatant Trials

Jul 21, 2008

July 21, 2008 C-SPAN Attorney General Michael Mukasey talked about national security and provided his perspective on the legal approach in the war with al Qaeda. He responded to questions from audience members DeMuth, Christopher President, American Enterprise Institute Mukasey, Michael B. Attorney General, Department of Justice.


Transcript of Remarks by Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research


Attorney General Michael Mukasey calls on Congress to take dramatic steps to subvert the Constitution.

Mukasey to Congress: Defy the Rule of Law by Stephen Lendman

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