The microchipped licence will tell all

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by Tim Wees
July 23, 2008

There is a new and developing twist in the movement to microchip humanity. This one is called the “enhanced driver’s licence.” British Columbia is currently trying it out with 500 volunteers and someday the microchip may show up as integral to all driver’s licences. If you don’t have a driver’s licence you may be included in the microchipped club with a microchipped identification card issued to everyone. The enhanced driver’s licence is being tested in B. C., with Ontario watching from the wings.

The new twist is that each of these driver’s licences will broadcast a number which, when picked up with an appropriate receiver, will translate into a screenload of data about you with access to everything from your birth date to what you had for breakfast at the local greasy spoon. The present design gives the chips a broadcast range of 10 metres.

This has come to the fore as a way of easing border-crossing issues between Canada and the United States. As you cruise up to the gate the border guard will not even need to have you stop. He will have your number before you even get to the gate and can decide to stop you or just give you the wave if he determines that you are one of the good guys.

But from there, where? Give the chip just a little extra oomph and it is entirely possible for the cop who is following you on the 400 to run the data on everyone in the car. He will not even need to stop you and he will know who’s who. Maybe by then someone will have thought to chip the car as well and the cop will be able to see if everything matches.


h/t: The Resistance

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