Kucinich gets his day

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Since June 9, 2008, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has pushed for impeachment proceedings against President Bush. Last week, in an effort to placate Kucinich, the House Judiciary Committee finally agreed to hold a hearing July 25, 2008. The night before the hearing, Kucinich sat down with ANP in an exclusive one-on-one interview.


Countdown: The In-House Network + Judiciary Hearing + Worst

Kucinich Testifies on Abuses of Executive Power (text)

Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Vincent Bugliosi

Executive Power & the Bush Administration (hearing)


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7 thoughts on “Kucinich gets his day

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  3. Very well stated, Natureboy. I think perhaps many of Congress either have something to hide and/or believe that they may be charged with war crimes. They are covering their butts, in other words. Why else would they not consider impeaching the current prez and vice-prez?

  4. The profundity of the congressman’s words is immeasurably maginified by the complicity of his colleagues.

    The principles of the founders rests solely with the morality of this one man. He is what America was meant to be. His singular activism underscores what we all know:

    The USA has nothing to do with the system put in place by the founders, and those who fight for the USA and its abandoned principles are either mistaken, or they just love to kill.

    I suspect the latter.

    “The American People deserve to know if the nation went to war based on lies”

    To this I ask, do the American people truly care?

    I would suggest not. I’ve long since begin to think that the last living patriot in government, Dennis Kucinich, fights for a nation that no longer exists (nor likely ever did).

  5. Kucinich deserves our full support.

    The time is truly now before the next administration takes office. The duties of the executive branch need to be absolutely clear, with a reasonable balance between congress, and the judiciary … at the will of the people … right now the executive is way out in some field … their actions …. when known …. not acceptable to most Americans.

    Standing up for the recourse given to us, by our own constitution, is absolutely necessary at this point in history, to clarify the air … to let the little ‘guy’ know that it is not just him that goes to jail when ‘he’ breaks the laws.

    We also need to let the world know that we are a nation of laws, governed by it’s people, and that we respect those laws, as well as international laws.

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