Black Milk Blues: Elite Power and the Efficacy of Force by Chris Floyd

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by Chris Floyd
Empire Burlesque
Sunday, 27 July 2008

A reader offers an intriguing comment below:

[Referring to a previous post on Israel and the United States, “Shep” writes]: Interesting perspective, Chris… One thing I don’t understand, though, is how the destruction of the American financial system (which is well on its way to occurring, aided by the humongous war-related expenses) serves the interests of the “Old American Establishment”. I can see that the Zionist Jews might not be as emotionally invested in the weakening of the US, simply because America isn’t their country.

Is the key the fact that the Establishment simply sees that the entire “Western Industrial Society” Ponzi scheme is about to collapse of its own weight, and are sucking up as much of the country’s money and property as possible? Or perhaps is the real reason the prevalence of the apocalyptic “End-timers” who are pushing for a final, violent conflagration in the Middle East to fulfill their misguided notions of biblical prophesy, to herald the rapture? Or maybe the eugenicists, who want to see many, many less people on the planet, see this as an opportunity to drastically cut back on the flow of oil around the globe and thus engender mass genocide?

Again, I don’t doubt that the reasoning in your post is solid but what is the overarching reasons for the current apocalyptic world trend? In short, who is driving the bus off of the cliff, and why?

Pertinent questions indeed. Here is my attempt at a reply:

First, I don’t believe that the American financial system is about to collapse — certainly not to the extent that it will actually harm the power and privilege of those on the very top, whether these be the “Old American Establishment” or new-style war-profiteers, etc. Of course we have already seen vast ruin and great suffering caused by the economic turmoil generated to a large degree by the endless Terror War. But who is suffering from it? Not the managers and operators of the great financial houses, who get bailed out by the government or escape the collapse of their institutions in golden parachutes. They live on in comfort and safety to gouge and exploit another day.

And not the bribed and greased politicians whose policies create such a fertile environment for economic predators. Every now and then some bottom-feeding goober like Curt Weldon gets caught up in the net for being too obviously greedy — but what of the bipartisan legislative leadership that over the past several decades have cultivated this toxic, predatory environment, with perfectly legal, finely-crafted laws written for them by corporate lobbyists? They go on to fat-cat careers as lobbyists and consultants, or they run for president, or they sit on corporate boards, or they go home and play golf. When they are in office, they (and their successors) protect the system they have nurtured and tendered; they won’t let it “collapse.”

Again, this is not to deny that millions — perhaps even tens of millions – of people will end up in very dire straits, losing houses, losing jobs, losing insurance, going hungry. This is not to deny that businesses will fold, whole industries could be rolled up like a carpet, and communities will languish and fade or die. But we have seen all this before, and the wealth and privilege of our monied elites didn’t disappear; neither did their means of acquiring more wealth and power.


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