Ex-insurgents Want More Money, or Else

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July 25, 2008

The Iraqi officer leading a U.S.-financed anti-jihadist group is in no mood for small talk — either the military gives him more money or he will pack his bags and rejoin the ranks of al-Qaeda.

“I’ll go back to al-Qaeda if you stop backing the Sahwa (Awakening) groups,” Col. Satar tells U.S. Lt. Matthew McKernon, as he tries to secure more funding for his men to help battle the anti-U.S. insurgents.


h/t: CLG

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3 thoughts on “Ex-insurgents Want More Money, or Else

  1. Thanks for the additional info, Robert. It’s always the people (regular working people) who fight and die for the elite. We can have world peace once we have no more soldiers. Choose NOT to enlist, if already enlisted, choose NOT to fight and kill.

  2. Tax payers pay to be hostages to these issues. I payed money to local Iraq soldiers and they were never happy with what they received. AMerica is paying with their blood and money as this sick war continues. Trillions of dollars that you never hear about has been used to buy intel in Iraq and abroad. This Ex-insurgent is giving half his money to his friends so he himself is not killed.

    AMerican hostages for money is what we are and this war is nothing but blood money………

    I trained the ICDC in Iraq and I know first hand where the money goes and where it doesn’t go.

    Pay your taxes and watch more young soldiers die

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