Realistically, 9/11 By Rand Clifford

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By Rand Clifford
July 25, 2008

9/11 confirmed that our government can get away with virtually anything—even right in our faces. Devastatingly for us, it stripped bare the intellectual mettle of Americans, exposing our ultimate vulnerability. Sitting there watching the television, believing the utterly impossible, wanting to believe the tsunami of lies instead of our eyes…then crying out for protection, ready to sacrifice freedoms for safety, we proved we deserve neither.

So now they’ve got us by the ignorance and fear—hammerlock on a fat target as we wallow even more into thrall of the most vicious anti-intellect pathogen ever invented: Tuberculo viciouso…also known as T.V. Germ warfare, terror in a tube.

Could there be a more classic example of our corporate government creating a crisis, via 9/11, then offering the solution, or cure; duping the masses with corporate media omission, lies and disinformation, then charging mercilessly for the solution? 9/11 was a masterstroke of false flag terror, psychopathology so over-the-top it shocked people senseless. Our costs in rights and freedoms, in evisceration of constitutional protections by those elected to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution…the costs threaten to overrun into loss of our very nation. In our national stupor, more than seven years later we continue to be blindsided by executive criminalities greased by a supine Congress (especially after false flag anthrax persuasion, and key murders), corporate media cheerleading relentlessly, and corporate government has all but slipped America right out from under the people.

Could the ultra-hyped Islamofascist! terrorists ever have done such damage to our nation as our own fascist purveyors of the war on terror? The de facto terrorists, and the “warriors” against terror happen to be the same…as in the war on drugs—another crusade targeting the people, executed by our own corporate government, the world’s preeminent trafficker of heroin and cocaine.

Fear, ignorance and gullibility, effects of decades of mind control and accelerated dumbing down—they have weakened us into allowing our government to be become what it has long and insidiously strived to be at home, the Uncle Sam the rest of the world by and large have seen pretty much since the beginning.

So what’s in Uncle Sam’s global-predation bag of tricks? Power, empire, lies, greed, World Bank, IMF, predatory corporations. Assassination. Regime change. Despotic puppet rulers. Environmental rape. Pollution. Poverty and death. There are some things in that bag cloaked as largesse, some candy and legerdemain. Plus, such a telling collection of doctrines! Off the top…the Bush Doctrine, preemption, ticket to attacking any vulnerable nation that could possibly pose a threat to U.S. interests at some time. Comprehensive to say the least. There’s the Ledeen Doctrine (from leading neocon triggerman Michael Ledeen of Project for the New American Century and American Enterprise Institute infamy, among others): “Every ten years or so the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.” There is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek aspect to this Ledeen Doctrine…funny, the record shows only smashed countries….

Around the world for so many years, Uncle Sam has spread a wake of misery, of plundered resources and fouled environments, cultural decay, enslaved and hopelessly indebted “client states” where a few elite at the top split all the wealth with Uncle Sam’s corporate machinery, to hell with the people.

Here at home, Native Americans were prime victims. And now, after romping around the world—over 50 nations plundered, more than 20 actually bombed…Uncle Sam has turned on us, his refocus on Americans ignited in earnest with the “shock and awe” of 9/11.

General “homeland” deceit and treachery span many years, though what has been done since the neocon coup of 2000, followed soon with 9/11 and all the trimmings…looks like full-fledged beginnings of what Alex Jones calls the “Endgame”. More than 600 concentration camps spread around the country, staffed and ready for…terrorists? Many sites have detailed information about the “REX 84″ program, including:

With declaration of the scrupulously planned, inevitable? martial law, probably after another—or even a series of—false flag terror “attacks”, anyone can be labeled a terrorist, including virtually everyone. It’s already on the books, the whole schmeer. Even now the margin between dissidence and terror is dangerously blurred.

Sam is the Uncle from Hell, unless you are “elite”…such as Bilderberg, Rothschild, European royalty, Freemason and others with Satan on their breath. Or Israel. Attacking Iran smacks of coup de grace…and amid the radioactive ashes and corpses, a new world order will embed—a global clique of elite lording over a herd of human livestock winnowed down by ninety percent? How Satanically the elite bandy about 6 billion murders….

Fundamental architecture for such a destiny of mankind is all but complete, having been meticulously erected right in our faces, with our money. Back to 9/11…perhaps as a people the most portentous blunder we ever made was letting 9/11 be whitewashed before our eyes. We’ve never effectively demanded an independent investigation—or any legitimate investigation at all, thus allowing 9/11’s architects to retain control of our government.

Obviously, too many Americans fear the truth—even want ignorance, preferring the posture of ostriches over the alertness of meerkats. Facing brutal reality would demand action; ignorance demands so little—is as easy as unplugging your mind and facing the tube. And now the masses sleepwalk through another phony election. Major party candidates chosen for us this round, as usual, represent More-of-the-same, or, More-of-the-same, yet standard old lies have people anticipating improvement? Sounds like a reasonable definition of insanity.

Realistically, with martial law a mere stroke of a pen away, election ‘08 might simply be cancelled. It’s hard to imagine Cheney and W walking away from the enormous executive power they have usurped. Among the ominous signs of corporate government anticipating (planning?) some kind of imminent martial law trigger are the 500,000 coffins (Polyguard Hercules Airseal and Atlas Topseal Vaults—100-year warranty) recently purchased with our money for staging in Georgia, ready for rapid deployment. Massive new false flag terror, perhaps chemical or biological, even nuclear—then martial law. Cheney and W, until death do us part…goodbye America, hello New World Order.

Dr. Robert Bowman, (Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering, Caltech) is the former head of the Star Wars program under Ford and Carter. Extensively decorated retired Lt. Colonel, USAF, veteran of 101 combat missions in Viet Nam, Dr. Bowman is one of our foremost experts on National Security, and is currently running for Congress, Florida’s 15th District. He says, regarding the “attacks” on 9/11, “The exercises that went on that morning simulating the exact kind of thing that was happening so confused the people in the FAA and NORAD…that they didn’t know what was real and what was part of the exercise. I think the people who planned and carried out those exercises, they’re the ones that should be the object of investigation.”

Dr. Bowman stated, when asked whom he considered the likely architect behind the attacks: “If I had to narrow it down to one person…I think my prime suspect would be Dick Cheney.” (Thank you Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones)

Its hard to say the hideous future on the horizon is something we earned, considering the sheer power of malevolence we face. Led by Dick Cheney, of course, White House officials insist that Americans get to speak out every four years, and after that it’s shut up and follow the leader—representative democracy at its most Cheneyesque.

So, exactly what have we earned by allowing government to become a spectator sport, besides such bigger televisions? Had we exposed and excised the cancer of 9/11 before it metastasized so thoroughly, as a people we could at least claim the dignity of having fought back while it still mattered. Choosing the easy, lazy and uncritical route, hoping for the best, we are learning there is no best when it comes to psychopaths, only worse.

Rand Clifford is a writer living in Spokane, Washington, with his wife Mary Ann, and their Chesapeake Bay retriever, Mink. Rand’s novels CASTLING, TIMING, VOICES OF VIRES, and PRIEST LAKE CATHEDRAL are published by StarChief Press:


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