US kicks off Latin military drill

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Mon, 28 Jul 2008 18:13:35

US marines have landed at Puerto Belgrano naval base in Argentina to launch a joint amphibious drill with Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

“The intention of the exercise is a common language for when the moment comes a UN mission needs this kind force services. The significance of the exercise is given by the continuity factor: Chile in 2007 and Brazil next year, with Peru subscribing as another candidate to join forces”, said Sunday an official release from the Argentine command.

Three hundred men, half of them Argentine marines (36 US marines with Iraq experience) took part in the exercise code-named “Exchange 2008”. The drills included amphibious landings from Argentine Navy light transport plus combined operations on the ground.

Peruvian officers next to observers from Uruguay, Colombia and Bolivia were present at the exercise as well as Brigadier General John Croley, Commander of the US Southern Command Marine Corps.

The purpose of the joint exercise has been described as training forces to act combined in peace missions under the UN command. But some experts in the field say that military drills is aimed at weakening the anti-US front already present in the region.

The United States encourages military pacts among its regional allies like Colombia and Brazil to ward off the influence of the socialism fostered by Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia in its backyard.

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