Countdown: False Ad + Lack of Support For Troops

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July 28, 2008


McCain Runs False Ad Against Obama

John (I’m A Senile Lying Bastard) McCain runs a phony false ad against Obama about not visiting the Troops in Germany. Knowing full well that the Ad is completly false.

McCain’s Support For Troops Record Very POOR

McCain’s support for our Military is very poor at best. He has ratings from several Military organizations that are very very bad. The press ignores McCain’s Lack Of Support for our troops. McCain has constantly voted against the military over and over again. He’s a Phony.



Turley Commenting on Goodling

Keith talks to Jonathan Turley about the recent news from the DOJ as reported here by Think Progress.…………


Tonight’s: Support the Troops-Gate, VP Isn’t All There-Gate and F’ing Stupid Idea-Gate.


Rupert Murdoch, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Allen West and Dick Morris battle it out for top honors.

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