Dennis Kucinich Responds to Nancy Pelosi’s Statements

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Dennis Kucinich on Democracy Now responding to the statements that Nancy Pelosi made on The View about impeachment.

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July 30, 2008

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Defends Her Opposition to Impeachment: “If Somebody Had a Crime that the President Had Committed, That Would Be a Different Story.”

On Monday, Rep. Pelosi appeared on ABC’s The View and suggested impeachment is off the table because there is no evidence President Bush has committed any criminal acts. We ask Rep. Dennis Kucinich for a response. Kucinich recently introduced a single article of impeachment against President Bush. The article accuses Bush of deceiving Congress to authorize the invasion of Iraq.

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5 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich Responds to Nancy Pelosi’s Statements

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  2. She is obviously bought and paid for by the big corporations just like the bush administration. Uphold the Constitution or step down.

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  4. She is a blithering idiot…she prioritizes all of this over the deaths and the murder of our troops and innocent civilians? And here she effectively changes the whole fu*king subject.
    She does not represent the American people, she has GOT TO GO!

  5. Pelosi has got to go!! Support Cindy Sheehan for Congress!
    Money Bomb Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan August 6th and send a message to Pelosi that she can be replaced!

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