I’m Tired of Being a Hypocrite by Shawn S. Grandstaff

by Shawn S. Grandstaff
Guest Writer, Dandelion Salad
August 2, 2008

Excerpt from the Introduction, I’m Tired of Being a Hypocrite – Naked Christianity in a Demoralized Democracy

I believe the time has come to be reminded of truths that have been forgotten, a time to reflect and repent from our ideas and beliefs or perceptions that have formed from the American Gospel (Jesus of Suburbia), resulting in us strangle holding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before Jesus comes back, I believe His Message, “The Kingdom of God,” must be preached in its pure form—no longer subverted, but revealed. My belief is that the only way for that to be possible is to look back in history and see how much of Jesus has been revealed and what parts have been rejected. The questions I raise are why, and are motives right or, better yet, have we thought it through? Do we even know what we are doing, and do we even know what we believe? Because nothing matters in life but one thing, and that’s why we believe we are here. In other words, what’s our purpose for being? Beliefs that are passed down but never understood are not beliefs at all but rather tradition and religion, thus leaving us lifeless. Like a bunch of spiritually immature converts, or the other extreme, walking zombies, who live and fight for the American Dream, the only difference is that we haven’t started eating each other yet (zombie humor). So we must take a serious little journey through the halls of time to see what we believe and why, because if we stand for nothing, we will fall for anything. So what are we standing for and why?

Since the fourth century, the days of Constantine the beginning of political perversion of Christianity, through the Dark Ages of the Roman Church and antichrist, to our founding leaders, in which genocide and slavery didn’t seem to be a problem and was justified in the name of God, to the here and now—what wonderful times—when we can have a leader speak about his faith in Jesus and at the same time start a war based on lies. What a wonderful example through history our so-called elected governments have set, and not only for those who call themselves Christians, but also Americans and people around the world. So how far has Christianity really come, and how much of Jesus have we really seen? Now I admit, if left isolated, those statements could be debated and argued and, I might add, make us angry, but, hey, we haven’t always been the Brady Bunch either. The purpose of this book is to reveal those statements and to wipe the dust off our beliefs as well as to challenge our faith, to change the way we see, and to ensure we are looking through the Gospel lens. This is through the eyes of Christ and not the eyes of religiosity or man’s philosophy.

This book is raw, if you will; a little bare-bone writing, not a full-blown history book. I have never written before and have not been to professional writing school, and I am sure you will be able to tell. It’s a straight-shooting book, kind of like slugs from a twelve gauge and a little spray from a bird shot. At times my aim is very direct, like a sniper—one shot, one kill. I’ve never hunted before, but I’m hunting now, and my prey is a little different. I am seeking out political and religious war/law mongers, as well as most of science for untruth and efforts to steal faith. Most of all, I blame corporations for destroying the earth, exploiting nations, stealing the 14th Amendment, making slaves out of people so they can make their billions, running the government with the love of money, and creating suffering on earth for billions of people. While American Christianity is fighting to bring America back to God (whatever that means), but not knowing that this is the very thing it created, and I will prove that through debate in these few pages.

I know, I do dream big, and write of things that some are scared to touch, but we have a lot of work to do and a lot of borders in the church that must be crossed. If we put aside our pride, it can be done. I have heard it said and believe myself that “the height of arrogance is the height of control,” so I believe we must stop creating God in our image and let Jesus be our image creator. Let this book stir a revolution of passion in your soul for those Jesus died for and lives for. I know it will definitely stir something and challenge your faith. I hope you are brave enough to take this trip because I believe it will bless you.

(C) Shawn Grandstaff 2008

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