Chemtrails and Chembows, our skies are changing (no longer available)

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Video is no longer available.


Our sky is changing, do you see it ?
chemtrails and chembows,
multi-coloured clouds and strange effects,
things you’ve never seen before are common,
you’ll get used to them…
So when the planes come to spray you for real,
you wont even notice.

are the politicians ‘public servants’ ?
or are you a ‘servant public’ ?
your silence is taken as consent,
your trust is seen as acquiescence,
they treat you like cattle,
you are their slaves,
you are free to do anything as long as it benifits them,
wake up and see how you’re enslaved !

‘Soldier of the truth’ and ‘Wood cut’ by James Sanger



Chemtrails: on the trail of our assassins (video)

Strange Cloud Formations Filmed By Japanese Flight Crew (video)

Aerosolized Powder Contrails? by Rick Nichols

Chemtrails: Is U.S. Gov’t. Secretly Testing Americans ‘Again’? by Jeff Ferrell (+ vid)

Aerosol Crimes 1st Edition + Chemtrails (videos)

CONtrail vs. CHEMtrail – San Francisco (video)


7 thoughts on “Chemtrails and Chembows, our skies are changing (no longer available)

  1. I have a video of some strange rainbows at my website. I didn’t think of a chembow… Never heard of the term till someone told me that might be what it is!

    And no, people, it was NOT ice crystals. It was not a cold day, it was in fact very hot and humid, and this tropical climate does not have ice crystals during that type of weather. I don’t know if they can honestly survive in this climate at all…

  2. I have no idea why they (whoever “they” may be) is doing this spraying.

    Obama is not the president until Jan 20th 2009, so he is not doing anything right now. Will he, once in office? I doubt it, but have no idea.

    This is going on worldwide.

  3. ive been studying this for several years in sweden.. what if chemtrail project (project cloverleaf) is a part of Monsantos GMO project along with Haarp, Eiscat, 3 G mobile phone system? is Barrak obama stopping this you think??

  4. Surely these are just vapour trails hardly a pollutant considering the amount of pollutants we humans leave everyday ! Have you looked in your rear view mirror on a cold morning lately!?

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