Now the People Have Awoken: Exploring Venezuela’s Revolution (2007)

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Aug. 2, 2008

For a limited time only! Full screening of `Now the People Have Awoken: Exploring Venezuela’s Revolution’

Venezuela’s new assertiveness has brought it to the centre of international controversy: to some it has been stolen by populist dictator, while for others, it is the centre of a continent-wide democratic revolution.

There is much at stake. Venezuela sits atop huge oil reserves, which are being used to foment a new order. President Hugo Chávez, who survived a military coup in 2002, has supported a number of controversial social programs that have pushed Venezuela onto the United States government’s and media’s radar screens.

What makes Venezuela tick? Who is behind the movement and what does it seek? Filmed through the 2006 presidential elections, this is a documentary about the people building a new Venezuela.

Click here to watch this amazing documentary in full (55 minutes) for a very limited time.


NO VOLVERAN – The Venezuelan Revolution Now (2007)



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  3. Hi Ty, I posted a link to the No Volveran film at the end of this post. It has subtitles. And I don’t know what it means. Maybe someone will let us both know. I tried the translator and it didn’t help much. Got this from the Portuguese translation: “In the Volveran”.

  4. I have that documentary on my computer. Unfortunately I could only understand half of the movie since half the time the people are speaking in Spanish.

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