Countdown: Suskind Interview + Worse than Watergate + Miss Buffalo Chip

Dandelion Salad

August 5, 2008


Intro To The Suskind Interview

Keith talks about Ron Suskind’s new book The Way of the World before his interview with him.

John Dean Interview

Keith talks to John Dean about the allegations in Ron Suskind’s new book.


Tonight’s: Then Why Are You Going?-Gate, That Could Mean There’s Videotape-Gate and Don’t Ask Don’t Translate-Gate.

Ron Suskind Interview

Keith talks to Ron Suskind about his new book The Way of the World.

McMeltdown on the Campaign Trail

Keith talks about John McCain’s lovely day on the campaign trail at Sturgis and the Enrico Fermi nuclear plant.

Miss Buffalo Chip…Or Take My Wife Please!!

Keith reports on McCain offering up his wife for the Sturgis Miss Buffalo Chip contest. Rachel Maddow weighs in.


Suskind Revisited by Philip Giraldi

The Forged Iraqi Letter: What Just Happened? By Ron Suskind

New Book Claims Bush White House Used Forged Documents In Case For Iraq War


11 thoughts on “Countdown: Suskind Interview + Worse than Watergate + Miss Buffalo Chip

  1. What I’ve found with videos here that show up “no longer available” when they still in fact are available is that one needs to click “refresh” on your browser. It happens mostly on posts with lots of videos or a post that has been sitting open for awhile and I go back to it. When I first started here I wanted to center all the videos but just gave up. I think it depends on what “theme” you use for your layout, too, as far as how the video looks once it’s posted to your blog.

  2. Thank you. give Dennis’ blog a read, too. he writes some great stuff.

    I’ve been noticing the video problems over the last few weeks, first with a googlevideo of mine that I had embedded, that I know was still there, and then with playlist vids from YT. one time they’re there, the next time it’s black and says it’s ‘no longer available’, and then its’ back again?

    from what I could find out on the help forums at YT, it looks to be a DNS problem, but it doesn’t seem to affect ones posted with vodpod, so I guess it’s a good workaround, if nothing else. I’ve switched a couple over and they have been there every time, just wish they would write a centering code into the widget on WP so it isn’t slammed over to one side. 😛 it looks drastically outta’ place on my WP blog, when everything else is centered. oh well…

    take care

  3. Added your new blog to the blogroll here. 🙂 Good for you to learn CSS. I have had trouble with videos here, too, but vodpod does help a lot. What I like especially is that they tell you when any of the videos are no longer available.

  4. You’re welcome, Lo. same here about having time to write. by the time I get a chance to, what ever it is has pretty-much been run into the ground already. I thought I added you as a contributor so your comments wouldn’t be moderated, but maybe I did set you as an author. meh, either way, you’re one of three that have actually left a comment that was something other than spam. ; )

    and then there’s the issues with YouTube screwing stuff up to where directly embedded videos won’t work half the time, especially playlists, but they work through vodpod, but vodpod won’t do playlists… pffttt! it’s almost getting to be a ‘why bother’ anymore. been thinking about going to they generate a WP code that works, I’ve posted two of them on my blog before.

    beside that, been kinda’ disappointed with the limited selection of decent themes and the lack of any mods without having to pay for them. been messin’ around with another one. it might not have the fancy dashboard, but it’s a lot more open to expression, plus I can fumble my way around CSS and actually learn something. hehe…

    I notice you’re kinda’ short on D’s in your Blogroll ; )

    take care

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  7. mudshark, thanks for the heads up, will definitely check out the links you sent. Thanks, also for adding me to your blog as a writer. Unfortunately, I don’t write very much and just don’t have the time. I’m so behind on “stuff” having had my Internet connection go down so often in the last few weeks.

  8. Lo,
    from Phil Giraldi’s recent entry at @TAC, I’m getting the idea that Suskind might’ve been set up by his sources that he has on ‘tape’ that are now denying what they said. look back to the OSP articles at AntiWar and Karen Kwiatkowski’s Q&A w/Brian Lamb. the two Scott Hortons touched on it today on AntiWar Radio.

  9. This appears so improbable, yet so encapsulated and closed, it will become just another JFK conspiracy rabbit hole. A suspect was created, disposed of, case closed, the people will believe. The powers governing policy in this land are indeed dark, and dangerous.

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