Lebanon: ‘Right to fight Israel’ + Hizbollah ‘stronger than before’ and ready to strike Israel

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By David Blair in Beirut
03 Aug 2008

Lebanon’s new government recognised Hizbollah’s “right” to fight Israel, a move which politicians fear could pave the way for war.

Hizbollah, the self-styled “resistance movement” which America and Britain consider a terrorist organisation, could effectively receive official approval for its arsenal of weaponry in southern Lebanon.

This may total about 30,000 missiles – perhaps treble the number of two years ago.

The new weapons will be held in readiness to strike Israel, possibly in retaliation for any American attack on Hizbollah’s chief supplier and paymaster, Iran.

This breaches United Nations Resolution 1701, which ended the last war with Israel in 2006 by demanding Hizbollah’s disarmament.


h/t: Ertür-Cem


Hizbollah ‘stronger than before’ and ready to strike Israel

By David Blair in Tyre
02 Aug 2008

Hizbollah has significantly built up its military arsenal on the Israeli border and is ready to respond with force to any provocation, its senior commander has told the Telegraph.

The political and military group’s senior commander in southern Lebanon said in a rare interview that Hizbollah was far stronger now than when it fought the Israeli army in a conflict in 2006.

Sheikh Nabil Kaouk, who leads Hizbollah’s forces on Lebanon’s border with Israel – the crucial battlefront of any future war, was speaking in the port city of Tyre. “The resistance is now stronger than before and this keeps the option of war awake. If we were weak, Israel would not hesitate to start another war,” he said. “We are stronger than before and when Hizbollah is strong, our strength stops Israel from starting a new war… We don’t seek war, but we must be ready.”


h/t: Ertür-Cem

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