RNN: McCain: There will be other wars

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How the surge has energized McCain


RNN: ‘Surging’ McCain

One thought on “RNN: McCain: There will be other wars

  1. “Bush on steroids…”

    The right wing militaristic football-worshiping amerigoon majority of the entire heartland of this willfully deceived land is entirely unclear just how dangerous this guy is.

    Combat Veterans seem to come in two stripes, those who despise militarism as a result of participating in its evils, and those who become evangelical devotees.

    Mcbomb is fixated in his core not with public service, but with finally wupping the VC’s (or today’s equivalent) by force. His entire world view is like some flashback to that evil war-crime he launched himself into, which makes him believe he’s the amerigun hero.

    Military enlistees who fought in Vietnam and who are proud of that ‘service’ are unapologetic war-criminals, carrying out an illegal invasion that failed its objectives with disastrous consequences all around. That is not a heroic past, rather its the very last legacy one would want anywhere near the monstrous US arsenal.

    It appears McBomb’s only true interest in the presidency is to be the commander in chief, and get his hands on the armed forces with all that horrific potential for endless wars and invasions which has become the much despised national ‘style’ of the USA.

    A neocon? To the extent that neocons are bent on usurping the US military for their inter-national interests, which seem so often tied to the promotion of Israel and US dominion over the middle east.

    The rest of his platform is riddled with lies intended to push the gullible buttons of the FOX-addicted, anti-intellectual nationalistic masses, and smear any efforts at peace and prosperity.

    But for me the problem is not McCain, it’s the vast legions of his vile supporters who are once again eagerly imbibing the same militaristic mania they’ve bought into since Reagan.

    Vietnam should have been a defining lesson for the americon people, who footed the bill and bore the brunt of the misery (especially since McNamara’s revelations about Tonkin). Instead they’ve made McCain a ‘hero’ and militarism a national past-time.

    I see this not as a political problem, but as a personal problem within the hearts of the people of the heartland. There is no question that they were deceived into Iraq, yet they don’t seem eager to bring about any sort of justice, or to prosecute those responsible. Perhaps this is because those same hoards who flock to McCain’s clearly deranged agenda, loved this war in Iraq, right up until recently.

    It’s the people who promote this, war is what they love, and they’ve willfully allowed themselves to be convinced that illegal war is justified and just.

    Despite polls indicating boredom with the Iraq war (for now), as soon as some other ‘event’ raises their ire, they’ll be right back at it, the nation will lurch to the right, and the entire heartland will once again respond en-masse with their religious devotion to militarism

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