The Molotov: In The Red

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Film clip for the Demo Song, In The RED by The MOLOTOV.

May not be the final version (evolution is always an ongoing process) but will do for now.

NOTE: The various video footage used of activists, anarchists, socialists & protesters from Latin America, USA, Europe, Australia & Asia remains the property of it’s original creators and can be found on youtube. This video clip is OBVIOUSLY not for profit.


In The Red
This is the hammer n piston, this is a fist in this system,
if you think this is a metaphor then you ain fuckin listenin,
this is a mantra, a rant, a chant, from a voice in dissent,
cause i ain’t swallowin or followin these hollow in-cant-
-ations of explitation, that they keep ad-vo-catin’,
based upon false foundations, built upon sweatshop nation,
I say don’t wear it down, tear it, take the wealth, share it round,
without workers there’d be, no society to be found,
the rich keep theivin but they’d have us believin’ that it’s fair,
that the lions share go to those who, have no need for it’n,
babies r starvin while they’re carvin brand names in their back,
n you wonder why i say, turn n attack,
hell yeah I’m a socialist, you know this by the words that I flow,
this ain’t no joke & every word that I’ve spoken’ll show this
capitalism is a prison of greed, fuck what they want.
I’m interested in what the whole world needs

we’re the left, we’re the red,
we’re the noise, in ya head,
we’re the voice, when the poor,
this is the sound,
of it all comin’ down,
of it all comin down……..
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — –

see they say,
Just start as u mean 2 go on, well
i don’t mean 2 go on But till the wars won
theses no justice in the USA, IRAQ or Australia
in cuba or china or, venezuela.
R u leftist or rightist, blackest or whitest,
a writer a fighter, CIA Or al QUDA.
Capitalist, socialist, feminist, pacifist,
more hardcore than a fist full o anarchists?,
out in the street, bringing heat with the Molotovs,
till they send the dogs along, 2 knock our blocks off.
Passive resistance or violent insistence,
either way kids, i dont think they’re listenin,
time to up the ante, in the cities and the shantys,
show the balance-of-power-ain with the few it’s with the many,
black brown white, united is the key, till
there ain no power like the power of the people,

we’re the left, we’re the red,
we’re the noise, in ya head,
we’re the voice, when the poor,
this is the sound,
of it all comin’ down,
of it all comin down
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — –

there ain no power like the power of the people,
the voice when the poor sing, NO FU-CKIN’ MORE……


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21 thoughts on “The Molotov: In The Red

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  6. Agree with Epppie. No Molotovs.

    Good lines:
    based upon false foundations, built upon sweatshop nation…

    capitalism is a prison of greed

    I am listening…

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  8. I guess I would go further, though, and say that we need to actively promulgate nonviolence, as actively as possible. The way I see it, even purely on a tactical level, the way to persuade, and the way to expand participation, is to do everything we can do to ensure nonviolence in our actions.

    I feel, not that I have any direct evidence for this, but I feel that the Seattle demonstrations of 1999 have led too many people to the wrong conclusions. No one can deny that the violence of those demonstrations captured media attention, and that that media attention put a lot of important issues ON THE TABLE that it had seemed impossible to get folks to take seriously previously. BUT that’s the fault of the idiot corporate media. When we essentially let the media dictate to us how we can best draw attention to our concerns, we lose in the long run. We do nothing but lose in the long run. We must use our creativity to steal the march on the media, over and over again, not only by using nontraditional media (and that includes traditional nontraditional media, such as performance and snailmail!), but also by coming up with ideas for actions that surprise, delight and inform.

    I think the Yes Men’s faux NYT edition was an example of the type of thing we can do (on the high end financially, of course, which is doable, just not on a regular basis). It got massive amounts of attention simply because it was so surprising and so creative. It was magnificent conceptually, as a way to get large numbers of people to do a thought experiment, for just one moment, about what a progressive future COULD be like. That action will bear fruits for the Progressive Movement for months to years.

    It’s soo important, so fantastically important, in my opinion, that people be able to feel that if they decide they are going to go to a demonstration, there is NOT a great likelihood that the demonstrators will start any violence. Of course, there is no way to absolutely prevent individuals or groups from acting out violently, or to forestall agents provocateurs, but we can commit ourselves to cultivating a culture and an organization of nonviolence, as much as possible.

    I was just now watching William Ayers talking about his book in an interview. He comments during the interview that he thinks his book is relevant now because many of the problems are the same – in particular, the problem of how does one get a government that seems to ignore the will of the people, in order to perpetuate shock capitalism (kudos to Klein for that analysis) and imperial wars, to respond to the desire of the people for prosperity and peace.
    But, sadly, tragically, it seems that Ayers to this day refuses to set aside violence as an option.
    I think he is dead wrong and that we MUST set violence aside and stick to it.

    And why wouldn’t we? The most successful example of a liberation progressive movement we have, the Civil Rights movement, was nonviolent. As I understand MLK, he said that we must decide if the goal of our action is to force change, or to create change by persuading. If we want to persuade, we must be nonviolent, and we must be persistant, we must make sustained efforts. Nonviolent and sustained. Not episodic and violent.

  9. What I find ironic is that in the US “red” has now come to stand for—the Republican Party!

    In fact, I bet most Americans in my generation, the post-Cold War generation, associate it with “Red States” before they associate it with socialism or even “the Red Scare”.

    Just goes to show how politically isolated the US is!

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