Bush’s Gitmo Guilt + Kucinich: We did it!

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Try to contain your shock. Osama bin Laden’s former driver has been found guilty of “aiding terrorism” by George’s completely fraudulent military commission system at Guantanamo Bay.

The irony, of course, is that since he was appointed to the Oval Office by his friends on the Supreme Court, no single person in this world has done more to “aid terrorism” than the Pretender-in-Chief himself.

Contact John Conyers, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (THE man responsible for starting the impeachment process) and DEMAND impeachment hearings NOW:

Contrary to popular belief, impeachment can happen very quickly. No investigation is necessary for the crimes Bush has publicly confessed to (warrantless spying, signing off on torture), or the charge of ignoring subpoenas duly issued by Congress (which was one of the Articles of Impeachment drawn up against Nixon).

Bush and Cheney could be impeached in less than a day. All we need is a Congress that’s willing to do its job.

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We did it!


Last week, Congressman Dennis Kucinich delivered a petition bearing more than 100,000 names to the Speaker of the House urging that impeachment proceedings begin into the conduct of President Bush. In a special video message (click here), Dennis is asking for your help to deliver an even more powerful message to Congress when it reconvenes in September.

With new disclosures that the Administration tried to “cook the books at the CIA” by creating a phony, forged link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, “We cannot step back and let this President escape accountability.”
If you have already signed the impeachment petition at http://www.kucinich.us, thank you. If you haven’t, please do. And, in the next few weeks, please ask just one more person to sign so we can let the members of Congress hear our collective demand that they meet their obligation to uphold the Constitution.

Video by Chad Ely

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