American says US & Georgia to answer for violence

Dandelion Salad

The Amerikan says to call/write to your congresspeople.  The US needs to get out.  He also called this a genocide.  ~ Lo


Joe Mestas, American citizen living in South Ossetia, who witnessed everything that happening in the region, talked to RT and blamed U.S. and Georgian leaders for the outbreak of violence.


Russia’s Defence ministry spokesman press-conference

Shelled city is living hell + Did mercenaries help Georgia? + Withdrawal of Georgian troops confirmed

South Ossetian capital completely destroyed + Abkhazia + grim reality of war

South Ossetia: Inside Georgia but dependent on Russia

War victim trapped in basement with son’s body + Georgia resumes shelling

Georgia imposes martial law as violence continues + US-Russian tensions in Caucasus erupt into war + photos

South Ossetia: The War has Begun! by Andrei Areshev


11 thoughts on “American says US & Georgia to answer for violence

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  7. More war crimes by the Bush Administration but Speaker Pelosi admitted she still hasn’t read the Articles of Impeachment submitted by Rep. Dennis Kucinich. What a tragedy.

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