Shelled city is living hell + Did mercenaries help Georgia? + Withdrawal of Georgian troops confirmed

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These videos may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Thousands of South Ossetians are trapped in the ruins of a city almost destroyed by Georgian missiles. The remaining residents of Tskhinvali are huddled in cellars beneath bombed-out buildings. They are struggling to survive – without water, food or electricity.

Did mercenaries help Georgia?

The president of South Ossetia claims mercenaries took part in Georgia’s offensive against the breakaway republic, according to Russia’s RIA news agency. Eduard Kokoity says Ukrainians, people from the Baltics as well as nationals from other countries were involved.

Withdrawal of Georgian troops confirmed

Russia’s Defence Ministry has confirmed that Georgian troops have withdrawn from South Ossetia. Spokesman Anatoly Nogovitsyn said peacekeeping forces are once again in control of most of Tskhinvali.


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  7. Thanks. I didn’t think about it not lasting long on YT, as NBC is pretty tight on their content. it was flubya’s incoherent interview with Costas from the studio at the olympics. it’s on the NBC olympics site, but it’s unavailable to linux users. they’re stuff is all wmp/silverlight priority. there’s a short clip still on YT about him ‘not seeing america having problems’… whatever. there’s a transcript of it up on the white house website.

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  12. I’ve been watching RT in real time here on 96781 and amtv on 95000. the stand-alone player works well. it can be resized in full mode and moved off to the side of your browser so it’s still visible.

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