Libertarians and Socialists as Workers Must Unite by Lo

by Lo
Editor, Dandelion Salad
Aug. 11, 2008

This is in response to a recent post about a website owner’s wife being threatened by armed thugs who broke into their house to attempt to shut down the website he runs.

What happened to our country when dissidents are being threatened (or their family members) and peaceful protesters are being spied upon? I believe it’s time for Libertarians and Socialists and all in-between to come together to take back OUR country. We have to stop bickering over “politics” and unite.

Look at what we have in common, not the differences. If we keep on looking at the differences, we are providing those in power just what they want. “Divide and conquer” is the rule for those in power, always has been and will be, IF we allow them. It’s up to us to join together on common ground as workers.

Who do you know that owns a corporation? Most of us have to work for a living. The economy sucks and who benefits? People are starving and who benefits?

Why is Hugo Chavez demonized by our govt and mainstream (corporate) media? Why is Venezuela a threat to the US?

A few suggestions to offer:

  1. Turn off your TV.
  2. Don’t enlist in the military, if already a soldier, refuse to kill for corporate interests.
  3. Quit working for corporations. Seriously think about changing jobs/careers.
  4. Stop buying crap. Get out of debt.
  5. Grow your own food.
  6. Form local communities with trusted family/friends/neighbors.
  7. Vote Third Party, not either of the corporate owned and operated parties of the Dems and Repubs.
  8. Write to your elected officials. Let them know that you know what’s really going on.

Take a look at some of the posts below. I could go on and on but I have news to post today.



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And don’t forget:

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  11. Yes, John, you are correct that most/all Libertarians are capitalists, however, unless they are the owners of a corporation these people are workers and not benefiting themselves or their families by working for and supporting corporations. I did say “… all in-between to come together to take back OUR country,” because I do realize that most people are neither Libertarians nor Socialists.

    I have no idea about Barr being a CIA agent, so can’t comment on that.

  12. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t Libertarians mostly capitalists whereas Socialists are usually working class people. Its difficult to unite capitalists and the working class when the 2 have competing economic interests.

    We need to unite the working class. I think its far more important to unite Democrats, Republicans, and Independents since these 3 groups are much larger than the group of Libertarians and Socialists. Most people are neither Socialists or Libertarians.

    Since when do Libertarians oppose media monopolies? Libertarians only oppose government monopolies. Libertarians don’t have a problem with privately owned monopolies as long as these monopolies result from free market economics. The Libertarians I’ve seen don’t have a problem with corporate personhood and corporate free speech. The Libertarian Party can’t be taken seriously when they nominate fascists for President and Vice-President Bob Barr and Wayne Allen Root. Bob Barr is a CIA agent and has an awful voting record in Congress.

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  16. LB, Thx. As some know here its not the first time i’ve sang this song lol . But its nice to see i’m not doing it A Capella 😉–ji-080803-668.html

    But to answer your question directly, how do we get there, we first must get our reform leaders to agree to it. Then we must start a “preemptive strike” on the media, changing the subject to THEM. They DO NOT want this to happen, hehehe. When it does, they will be on the defensive and have no choice but to report “honestly” on the new movement.

    There are some very good ideas on exactly how to go about doing this; but we will reserve those for when it matters 🙂

  17. We have common ground in our shared desire for honest politicians, of which there are perhaps a half dozen. We admire and respect Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul despite very differing platforms.

    Our differences come from varying strategies to avoid bad government.

    We all agree we need responsible government free of corporate influence. Let’s take money out of politics and mount a campaign to remove the corrupt politicians.

  18. @jibbguy, wow, well-said! I’ve often said that these “marginalized” (read: central to transforming the political process!) must coalesce into an opposition or reform party.

    With Green, Labor, Socialist, Libertarian and Constitutionalist parties so ignored by the media, our only hope is to unite them all…if even only temporarily.

    Campaign finance and media reform are crucial.

    How do we attain these goals?


  19. Amen, Sister! You do indeed have a witness 😉

    Great article.

    We must make the Nation safe to argue in, before continuing the argument! Nothing we want can be achieved until the big changes take place; the deal-stoppers removed. We ALL, not just Libertarians and Progressives, but people of all political stripes, must work together to get the money changers out of the temple of government… Remove the cash god of campaign money from it’s alter. Replace the sneering cynical lobbyists with concerned, vigilant citizens. Destroy the secret control of corporations, and those hiding behind them. Force the press to report honestly….

    THEN we can get what we want… But not before. Therefor it makes no sense to continue fighting our old battles, when it is only a sideshow for amusement. We END the roman circus of these sham elections by creating an all-new Coalition Reform Third Party.

  20. Thank you all for your kind comments. Now, let’s get to work! What’s that saying about you can’t change the world but you can change yourself? We all need to change some of our attitudes and come together. It’s for our (inclusive) survival.

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  22. I agree….we are up against a massive enemy and it is only through solidarity that we have a chance..”united we stand”!
    Thanks for bring this message to we all need to bring it to the world!

  23. Oh you betcha Lo, always will linkback! And I will include my comments, as I hope to catch the eye of the many progressives and liberty-lovers attached to my page.

    And Janet, right on. As Bob Marley sang, “Divide and rule us….”

    ~ M

  24. I’ve been thinking the same thoughts, and agree 100%. The way I smell this is, we’re all being played, one against the other. It’s a winner of a tactic, and I’ve been backtracking and trying to figure out how I ever got pulled into a fight with people I have so much in common with.

    So, thank you, Lo!

    Janet Detwiler

  25. Absolutely, Liberty Belle ~ Mariana Evica, very well stated. Now to get ALL of our friends to think about this.

    Basically, if you don’t own a corporation you are a worker, and all workers have many things in common.

    And that’s why I post Ron Paul stuff on my blog even though I’m a Socialist. I can’t even begin to write about the flack I’ve gotten from others because of this, too.

  26. LO! You’re singing my song here. I’m constantly saying the same thing. The time has come to put down our differences. Recently I befriended a leftist activist on MySpace – amiably, and to his credit, he accepted my request, posting a large and stunning graphic of Che Guevara on my web page. Sadly, his comment upon befriending me went something to the effect of: “I can see you’re a Ron Paul fan. I’m all the way on the Left. I fail to see what we have in common.”

    What a stunner. Hmm. Let’s see:

    a) anti-war, anti military/industrial complex
    b) pro-free speech, including knocking down the media monopolies
    c) for self-determination for all peoples
    d) pro-Constitutional respect
    e) pro-civil rights, including the right to marriage for all
    f) for freedom from religion
    g) for the impeachment and holding accountable of an illegally elected government and the investigation and bringing to light of pervasive voter/election fraud
    h) for the abolition of the failed war on drugs and the decriminalization/legalization of hemp and medical marijuana

    I could go on. I see equal disdain on the Right for the Left as well, even though Libertarians could learn volumes from the Labor and anti-war movements: how to organize, how to motivate, the rules of canvassing and ballot access.

    Time to define ourselves by what unites us. We’ve very little time left to act.

    When I was in D.C. in April for the first Ron Paul/Great American Strike rally, Dave VonKleist of the Power Hour internet radio broadcast [ ] M.C.’d and added commentary in between speakers. One of his comments really stuck with me: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    I hope for a world in which enmity is not necessary. But where there is an imbalance of power and sovereignty, enmity is it’s tragic concomitant.

    I call upon all the disenfranchised, the wandering peace-folk (that’s you, Rainbow family!), anarchist squatters, Native Rights people, those fighting for peace and justice in housing, education, health-care and parental rights, Union Down Movement people and Union Jack people, Food Not Bombs and Patriots of all kinds:

    Honor one another’s humanity. The only agenda we should have is liberty and self-determination. How we get to the finer points of human progress will have to wait.

    ~ M

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