Russia-Georgia war could become nuclear!!

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Aug 11, 2008

Up to 2,000 Killed as Russia-Georgia Fighting Enters Fourth Day

After four days of heavy fighting, Russian tanks are now approaching central Georgian cities away from the separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Russian officials say Georgia provoked the assault by attacking South Ossetia late last week, causing heavy civilian casualties. NATO’s Secretary General and President Bush have both condemned Russia’s “disproportionate” use of force in Georgia. [includes rush transcript]

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Russia-Georgia war could become nuclear!!



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13 thoughts on “Russia-Georgia war could become nuclear!!

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  2. Russia – Georgia War might become nuclear? So. Is this suppose to be a shock.

    Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nuclear Bomb) have been around for 60+ years. The shock is that they have not been used before and not that they will.

    It would be a terrible loss for the world to have a nuclear bomb exploded but that having been said should the world run and hide because Russia decides it wants to gobble up other duly elected countries.

    If that is the case we should all start learning the Russian language now.

    All that the world has to fear in dealing with Russia is fear itself. You can’t deal with the school yard bully by running or wondering whether he will beat you up or not. He will.

    The US must stand up and oppose tyranny/terrorist in all its forms i.e. KGP, Osama Ben Ladan, Adolf Hitler or Putin.

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  7. To this day we know Russia is the stronger country military wise, they have put their fear into Georgia by showing just that (entering the country with with an unnecessary abundant force, killing a vast amount civilians and then leaving again like nothing had happened)… hoping this fear will generate respect and future obedience to the Mother country. However and I quote… no, not from the Bible but from a known green midget source saying “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” I pray the latter will not come to be, for the the day will surely come when Russia has burned its own bridges across the world and when allies are running short.

    As it is today what has happened will be forgotten in the stream of news from the Olympic Games, another thousand or so people have lost their lives due to Russians atempt to set the status que in balance. but in the end of the day we now that ” Fear is the path to the dark side”!

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