Civilians bear the brunt in Gori + Riz Khan: The South Ossetian conflict

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Georgian troops flee Gori- 12 Aug 08

Jonah Hull reports on the evacuation of Gori.

Civilians bear the brunt in Gori – 13 Aug 08

The official end to the fighting came too late for at least five people in the Georgian town of Gori.

They died in a series of explosions not long before Russia called off its military action.

Alan Fisher reports from Gori, a Georgian town devastated by war.

Riz Khan- The South Ossetian conflict- 11 Aug 08


Riz Khan asks What the real driving forces behind the conflict are, what does it mean for the region and how should the international community respond?


The Reality Behind Western Propaganda Regarding War In Georgia

A Path to Peace in the Caucasus By Mikhail Gorbachev

Mosaic News – 8/11/08: World News from the Middle East

Medvedev orders end to military operation + Roadmap for Georgian peace + We saw no bombing in Gori

The Caucasus —Washington Risks nuclear war by miscalculation

RNN: Who’s to blame for the Russian Georgian conflict?

08/08/08: The Beginning of the Summer Olympics and the Third World War

McCain, Obama react to Caucasus crisis + CNN caught using wrong footage

Irresponsible Risk-Takers in Command by Rodrigue Tremblay


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  8. Two points that I think are not covered above:

    1) Gori isn’t just any old town the Russians are/were attacking. It is the site of a new, (reportedly) partially Nato funded military base, from which undoubtedly the attack on South Ossetia was launched. Indeed, the buildings shown as having been bombed may have been barraks, though the reporter declared them to have been civilian residences. I’m not sure I take him at his word, since he did’nt even point out that Gori is the site of a military base.

    If it can be shown that Russian soldiers deliberately targetted civilians, they and Russian should be punished. But , so far as I know, it is a simple fact, already known full well, that the Georgians DID target civilians when they attacked South Ossetia.

    So far as I know, from my reading, the bombing in the Georgian capital also related to a base and airport there.

    2) In other words, I think Krushchev is wrong to blame Russia equally with Georgia. Remember, Georgia had attacked South Ossetia before, 4 years ago (NYT). Russia had a responsiblity to destroy the military infrastructure from which a future third attack could be launched.

    The test comes now. Having accomplished the relevant military goals, the Russian forces must leave and leave quickly.

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