Countdown: Beating the War Drum + Dept of Injustice

Dandelion Salad

Aug 12, 2008


Keith reports on the statements coming out of the McCain campaign about the war between Russia and Georgia, that McCain’s top foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann was a lobbyist for Georgia, and the Cold-War type rhetoric coming from McCain and his BFF Joe Lieberman. Rachel Maddow weighs in.

Countdown: Beating the War Drum“, posted with vodpod

Department of Injustice

Keith reports on Michael Mukasey talking to the American Bar Association saying that he will not persue charges in the Monica Goodling hiring inquiry. Jonathan Turley weighs in.


Tonight’s: War Profiteer-Gate, Gears Grind-Slowly-Gate and Cheney-Gate.

Worst Person

And the winner is….Gerard J. Arpey of American Airlines.Runners up the Rocky Mountain News and Sean Hannity.


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