The Razorcake Interview: “Vote theft: class war by other means” (Palast)

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For by Chris Pepus

Monday, August 11, 2008

We need to learn the issues. People are unarmed. That is, people know that they’re getting shafted, but they don’t really know exactly how.

The American press corps has finally begun to report on illegal activities of the Bush administration. However, the subject of election theft remains largely ignored. In recent years, the Republican Party has used an array of tactics to subtract votes from opposing candidates. These include sending defective voting machines to strongly Democratic precincts and removing low-income and minority voters from electoral rolls.

Reporter Greg Palast has been covering this issue since 2000, when he revealed that Florida officials ensured the election of George W. Bush by illegally suppressing the African-American and Democratic vote. (Learn more about that subject here.) In this interview, I asked Palast about his reports on the GOP’s dirty electoral tricks since 2000 and the possibility that the ’08 election will be stolen. He explained how the Help America Vote Act actually helps crooked Republicans and he previewed his upcoming broadcasts and publications, which will include a free guide with tips for safeguarding your vote.

–Chris Pepus


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One thought on “The Razorcake Interview: “Vote theft: class war by other means” (Palast)

  1. I really love Greg Palast and all that he does. I couldn’t be more thrilled that Bobby Kennedy, Jr. is his associate on this. I can’t wait for the book and other media content to be released. I wholeheartedly agree that voter/election fraud is one of the least talked about and covered issues today.

    AND let me emphasize that the Republican Party screws their own party whenever it deviates from their Neo-Con agenda, also. The state Republican delegate election/convention process was *rife* with fraud and illegal procedure this past year.

    Watch/read/listen to what happens in Nueces County, Texas. Its chilling. No adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order was followed. It is a sham:


    I found this frightening and tragic.

    I want Palast and others to cover *this* stuff too. It’s not just about screwing Democrats. It’s not just about screwing the poor. It’s not just about screwing minorities. It is *literally* about excluding *everyone* from the political process who doesn’t agree with the agenda of the incumbent corporo-fascist Neo-Conservative administration of George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

    Liberty Belle

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