Mosaic News – 8/13/08: World News from the Middle East



This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


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“Roadside Bomb Kills At Least 18 Soldiers in Lebanon,” Al Jazeera English, Qatar
“Iran Honors Hezbollah,” Press TV, Iran
“Explosion in Ain Al Hilweh,” Future TV, Lebanon
“Mahmoud Darwish Mourned in Ramallah,” Dubai TV, UAE
“Smuggling Increases into Gaza,” IBA TV, Israel
“Abkhazian Soldiers Take Control,” Al Jazeera TV, Qatar
“Obama and McCain Woo Voters Across Party Lines,” Al Arabiya TV, UAE
“Slight Increase in Attacks in Iraq,” Al Sharqiya TV, Iraq
“Kuwaitis Nervous Over US-Iranian Escalations,” Abu Dhabi TV, UAE
Produced for Link TV by Jamal Dajani.