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By Paul Craig Roberts
08/15/08 “ICH”

The Bush Regime imbeciles don’t know when to stop. With the world still rolling in laughter from John McCain’s claim that “in the 21st century nations don’t invade other nations,” the moronic US secretary of state declared: “This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, where Russia can threaten a neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it. Things have changed.”

This from Condi Rice who is “proud” of the Bush Regime’s invasion of Iraq.

This is not 1968. It is 40 years later, and roles have reversed. In the 21st century it is the United States that invades countries, occupies capitals, overthrows governments, and gets away with it.

The criminal Bush Regime has sent out its flunkies to huff and puff because Russia put its foot down against American hegemony on its border. Take your aggression elsewhere, the Russians said. We did not free constituent parts of our empire in order for them to become constituent parts of an American empire.

For years the Bush Regime has been fodder for the Daily Show. Condi Rice’s inane statement will keep the laughter rolling.


The Daily Show
Aug 14, 2008

The Russia-Georgia conflict allows John McCain and Barack Obama to get in the commander-in-chief simulator.


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4 thoughts on “The Daily Show Live From The White House By Paul Craig Roberts + The Daily Show

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  2. Thank you for putting this together…

    Fumes were emitting from my melting composure when I heard McBomb and Condi actually get away with that on CNN.

    John Stewart is therapy for those of us in perpetual flappergasted disbelief at the march of malarkey we’ve all witnessed this last huge segment of our lives.

    Sadly I fear the middle-Amerigoons actually fell in lock-step behind their favorite past-time: Finding reasons to be selfrighteous and patriotic about the war-crimes they whole-heartedly love to comit, while posturing against others who dare do the same.

    There is a degree of difference, as Mcbomb points out: Georgia is on Russia’s border. Russia has most often sought control of its borders and those nations immediately adjacent– a history of invasions across its borders, repelled the last time at the cost of 10 Million lives, which might explain some of their xenophobia. The USA has no such memory of invasions warranting such militarism as it lives by.

    But it’s indeed the USA who vaults around the globe, carpet-bombing peasants in far flung lands who are of no threat to the homeland of the USA. For this, the USA always claims it’s acting in it’s ‘national interest’.

    Speaking of which, if the Iraq invasion was ‘not about oil’ as Botch has assured us, then exactly WHAT ‘national interest’ did the invasion serve?

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