Fox News cuts American child for thanking Russian troops + PR campaign + evidence of Georgian ‘genocide’

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These videos may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


A 12-year-old American girl visiting relatives during the conflict in South Ossetia has thanked Russian soldiers for saving her from the Georgian attack. However, America’s Fox News attempted to cut her and her aunt off air.

Kremlin failed by keeping western journalists away

The Russian government was too slow to react to the PR campaign launched by Tbilisi in the world’s media, believes Seamus Milne of Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

Ossetians collect evidence of Georgian ‘genocide’

South Ossetian residents and local journalists have launched their own investigation into claims of genocide perpetrated by Georgian soldiers. They accuse Georgians of attempting to destroy Ossetian graves and memorials to locals killed in earlier conflicts.

Rescuers restore war-hit settlements in South Ossetia

While the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali is attempting to return to some kind of normality, there are other locations that have also suffered from the Georgian attack. A number of South Ossetian villages were battered by severe strikes — with some of them turning into ghost towns.


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21 thoughts on “Fox News cuts American child for thanking Russian troops + PR campaign + evidence of Georgian ‘genocide’

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  7. I don’t have time to argue with you. I gave you more posts to look at which covered the “other” side. I’m not here to be a comprehensive source on the Georgian War. I’m here to give other sides to this issue not covered by mainstream media.

  8. I never said no insinuated that you were being paid to post or making money from this blog, I have no idea where you got that idea from. I was just pointing out that if you are going to accuse the American media of posting one sided propaganda & then you just post blogs that make the other side look good, aren’t you doing the same thing?

  9. js, good that you are reading info about this on other sources.

    This is my blog, it is run by me alone, therefore I cannot be comprehensive in bringing the coverage of any one particular topic as I focus on world news. If perhaps I had a staff it would be better covered. I attempt to bring articles/videos from sources other than Amerikan corporate run media.

    I’m sorry I’m not doing a good enough job for you.

  10. I have read me other news articles other then those put out by the American media & one thing that contradicts what you are posting is how NATO is reacting extremely negetivily towards Russia & the fact that Russia has not withdrawn its forces in accordance to the French backed cease fire agreement which requires Russia to withdrawal its troops from mainland Georgia to the disputed regions, which for some reason Russia keeps putting off.

    Also what you show is just one side of the conflict just as you accuse the American media of being biased you information is also one sided. Of course people in the disputed regions are going to point fingers at the other side, I did not see any interviews of the thousands of Georgian civilians that have lost their homes or family on your site.

  11. js, I suggest that you take a look at the other articles/videos I’ve posted on this topic. Click “Georgia” or see the feed for all the posts in that category on the right side of my page.

    If you are receiving your info from US corporate media, you are not getting the whole picture of what really happened. Please look elsewhere for the real news, or go back to believing the propaganda put forth by these companies.

  12. Ok one girl wants to thank Russian soldiers gets cut off & it is a conspiracy. Come on people look at the bigger picture, what about all the thousands of people displaced on both sides, what about the homes distroyed on both sides. Why is Russia getting involved in an internal matter of another country that it never recognized yet is quick to divide it up. I think people need to review the definition of Genocide. It has to due with exterminating entire races not displacing them. Russia is just showing its true colors & soon the cold war will be back in force.

  13. Looks like the Georgian troops received top class on the job training from the US/UK/Israel wiping out villages in Iraq to carry out such an efficient job in S.Ossetia.

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  15. Good question, Daniel. Hopefully a few more people woke up or at least questioned the integrity of the Amerikan “news”. My mother is quite the opposite to your’s, she is well aware of the bias and propaganda in corporate media. She also is smart enough NOT to watch Fox “news”.

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  20. It made me wonder whether these things are noticed by people who aren’t looking for holes in the narrative? (I’m thinking of my mother) Once the narrative has been set in place, how big must these “hiccups” be to get attention from average viewers?

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