Why are we pretending we would fight for Georgia?

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By Geoffrey Wheatcroft
08/17/08 “The Independent

Messrs Miliband and Cameron want Georgia to join Nato. Such thinking is muddled, dangerous and defies the lessons of history

Hard on the heels of Nicolas Sarkozy and Condoleezza Rice, and keen to share their limelight, David Cameron arrived in Tbilisi yesterday. His visit is a reward to the Leader of the Opposition for having expressed even more bellicose views on the Georgian crisis than the Americans, which should sound loud alarm bells for those of us who may quite soon be living under a Tory government.

In the official view of Washington, the expansion of Nato up to the borders of Russia was a benevolent spreading of democracy. “It is the right of the Georgian people and Georgian government to determine their own security orientation,” says Kurt Volker, principal deputy assistant secretary of state, and Matthew Bryza, the American special envoy, adds that Russia would not have attacked Georgia if she had already belonged to Nato.

While Gordon Brown and David Miliband merely mouthed empty platitudes about the crisis (although Miliband has been sympathetic to Georgia’s Nato aspirations in the past), Cameron went startlingly further when he said that its membership of Nato should be accelerated. His words so excited the Georgians that they asked him to meet their ambassador in London on Wednesday, and then fly out for his Caucasian photo-op.

Why are we pretending we would fight for Georgia? : Information Clearing House – ICH.

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  5. I just don’t understand it — don’t they realize that expanding NATO’s borders to former Soviet bloc countries makes the Russians angry? It seems like they’re either ignorant of the consequences of their actions or they actually want to instigate a war with Russia…

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