Margolis: Dems onside with Bush on Georgia

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Here is our latest story on the Russia-Georgia conflict – an interview with Eric Margolis.

Democrats onside with Bush on Georgia
Is Obama afraid of getting on the wrong side of the Patriotic issue?

August 20 – As the Russians work to keep pace with their U.S. counterparts in Eastern Europe, Senator John McCain continues to hammer home his message to his fellow Americans that he is the right man to put into office, especially in light of the recent conflicts taking place in Georgia, Poland and the Czech Republic. In response, Senator Barack Obama works carefully to show his true patriotic colours while maintaining his initial promise to keep a peaceful, diplomatic and open mind when dealing with such situations.

Journalist and author, Eric Margolis believes that Obama should be using this moment to make a stronger stance and claims “he (Obama) is afraid and the democrats are afraid of getting on the wrong side of the patriotic issue. The war drums are beating in the U.S., the flags are flying and the media is taking a very hard line towards Russia, and McCain is right out in front taking a hard line, calling for confrontation with Russia. If Obama contradicts this policy he is going to be accused of appeasement, being soft on Russia and soft on aggression and he will be killed(politically), so what he is doing is quietly tagging along”.

Obama’s latest statements show his hard stance against the Russians and their excessive use of military action in Georgia and calls for more talk and less fighting. He also uses language that is friendly and inspirational in nature compared to President George Bush and his fellow Republican John McCain.

In an August 11th press release, Obama’s states “Let me be clear: we seek a future of cooperative engagement with the Russian government, and friendship with the Russian people. We want Russia to play its rightful role as a great nation – but with that role comes the responsibility to act as a force for progress in this new century, not regression to the conflicts of the past. That is why the United States and the international community must speak out strongly against this aggression, and for peace and security.”

Senior Editor, Paul Jay of The Real News Network interviews author Eric Margolis in a four-part series to help understand the underlying issues of the recent US missile deal between Poland and the U.S., along with the fragile truce in Georgia and how all of this affects the upcoming U.S. election and the foreign policy establishment.


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