9/11 Mystery Solved! Why Building 7 (WTC-7) Collapsed

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August 21, 2008 CNN

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Investigation of World Trade Center Building 7 (videos)

Feds: Fire took down building next to twin towers h/t: CLG


15 thoughts on “9/11 Mystery Solved! Why Building 7 (WTC-7) Collapsed

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  2. I know nothing about the Colapsing Towers conspiracy but when I debuck similar conspiracy theroris my posting don’t bounce around the internet.

    Being from Wash. DC, I know the US is terrified of anyone taking pictures of the Pentagon. Few died on the ground when the plane hit, supposedly due to reconstruction work where the plane struck.

    If I was President I would have seized construction secrets admitting I did it, asking for a court order if anyone wanted their pictures back to be appealed to the Supreme Court. I still see a missile from Israel struck the Pentagon, but not my comments bouncing back

    Roosevelt and the Jews supposedly tricked us at Pearl Harbor though the British archives was declassified that the US expected an invasion of Guan and Briton didn’t tell the US because it wanted to be sure the US declared war on Germany not just Japan.

    The breaking of the German and Japanese code was a top secret, and no mechonium for the messages to get to President Roosevelt in a hurry.

    Perhaps some conspiracy theories are true, but please don’t post any without commenting also on possible debunkions.


  3. WTC 7
    Demise in NEAR free fall time 6.5 secs.
    Sir Isaac Newton free fall time 5.95 secs.
    Time diff..55 secs.
    Impossible-Physically,mathematically,logically etc
    WTC 7 was IMPLODED just ask $Larry Silverstein$ beneficiary of $insurance$

  4. One wonders if this idea that if the ‘truth’ were revealed about these bizarre collapses of the most massively reinforced and engineered buildings ever built would yield outrage in the americon populace is itself misguided.

    After all, none of the evidence that the Iraq war was propagated under false pretext has stirred a molecule of dissent, regardless of the losses and waste and horror.

    In fact, the vastly worse war in Vietnam, which went on for far longer at massively greater loss to both troops and civilians, was revealed to have been perpetrated under false-flag events by our own then Secy of ‘Defense’ and principle architect of the atrocity of the ietnam invasion, that the Gulf of Tonkin incident ‘Never Happened’.

    So why, pray tell, would the US populace trouble themselves by an utterly implausable collapse if it gave them the excuse to pursue their favorite pastime bar none, of the bombing, torture and incineration of brown people?

  5. OK, now let them explain why there was no mention of WTC7 in the Official Whitewash report, and why Silverstein said it was ‘pulled’…

  6. In other news, leprechauns have been found to responsible for the price of gold.

    So architects and engineers have had it all wrong & possibly trillions of dollars in retrofitting existing buildings is now needed in order to make sure they are safe.

    Did anyone notice Mr. Sh(y)am Sunders body language from that conference? You’re a lying liar Sh(y)am.

    Just pathetic.

  7. I mean, for example, why do we have to guess how hot the fires really were? If we had the steel, and other materials, we could test it and see.

  8. Well, geez, now that the EXPERTS have spoken…!

    If they really gave a **** at any point about finding out what really happened, if only so that they could build safer buildings in the future, they would have kept the materials from the fallen buildings so that it could be scientifically studied.

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  10. “Alternative Theorists” weren’t allowed to collect scientific data. If you recall….No one was allowed into the site, and within days the gov. was excavating the site and shipping the debris overseas. No analysis was ever allowed on the site! Instead these gov. payed “researchers” used a computer model that can do anything you want it to do. Of course they didn’t display the data that was put into this computer model.

    Wake up!

  11. So, by this logic, terrorists don’t even have to learn how to fly, just set buildings on fire and turn off the water…

    Anyone who’s forged iron knows you need some intense, concentrated fuel, like charcoal, coal or gas, made excessively hot by forced air or oxygen, to make thick steel hot enough to deform.

    The idea that office furniture and files could provide enough fuel in a steel and concrete structure to cause that kind of failure in those massive I-beams is so implausible to this here life-long metal-worker… but it seems I waste my breath. CNN says it, so it must be so.

    Glad our gallant fed employees solved that one! Now let’s all go back to war… er… sleep.

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