Kucinich in ‘NYT’ this coming Sunday warns of Iran attack

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Updated: Here’s the story: NYT Interview

by GregMitc
Thu Aug 21, 2008 at 11:11:59 AM CDT

In an interview to be published in The New York Times this Sunday, Rep. Dennis Kucinich continues to make the case for impeachment – especially amid the Russia/Georgia crisis – as well as arguing for Democrats to come together to back Obama.

Asked why he continues calling for impeachment, Kucinich responds, “This president is capable of taking us into war, in October, on the eve of an election, to try to change the outcome of the election…

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6 thoughts on “Kucinich in ‘NYT’ this coming Sunday warns of Iran attack

  1. I think Dennis supports him because despite all, it’s now (as it was) ‘anyone but McBomb’.

    Did I see a headline that Nader advises Hillary for VP? I missed the story tho.

    Dennis thrilled us all with the dream of a progressive, peace & prosperity presidency. But in the end, all must settle for the lesser of warmongers, whatever it takes…

    Even if (when) McBomb gets his paws on those nukes he so craves, and finally gets the tools to effect obliteration of all who ever resisted US militaristic atrocity or stood in the way of his beloved enlisted goons, those who see the folly of that are obliged to dissent, lest we be complicit.

    Nobody has dissented more than Dennis. Let’s honor his advise (to whatever extent we can stomach). He’s the one in the middle of the mess of amerigoon politics. He more than anyone comprehends just how dangerous the situation is, and how close this nation is to giving the button to a man whose sole reason for being is to acquire access to the obscene US military machine.

    That said, vote your heart, and either way run for cover. I fear this guy is far worse and more dangerous than any of his warmongering predecessors– he has a grudge, a seething secret rage against ‘gooks’ or whomever the US decides to shred for the benefit of big business.

    Be afraid, for real.

  2. He’s for impeachment AND for Obama, even though Obama is against impeachment?

    That’s Kucinich for you.

  3. Just as I was ‘re-blogging’ this from the ‘unofficial’ Elizabeth Kucinich, comes the DS broadcast… more proof that one needn’t look anywhere else, just subscribe to Dandelion Salad’s daily broadcast and you’ll get ‘all the news that’s fit to blog’ ~

    Thank you LO!

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