Investigation of World Trade Center Building 7 (videos)

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August 21, 2008 C-SPAN

Shyam-Sunder, Sivaraj Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building and Fire Research Laboratory The National Institute of Standards and Technology released the findings and recommendations from its building and fire safety investigation of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7). WTC 7 was a 47-story building that fell nearly seven hours after the World Trade Center towers collapsed following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The report presents the probable collapse sequence for the building and provides recommendations for improving building and fire safety in other buildings similar to WTC 7. Mr. Sivaraj Shyam-Sunder, the lead investigator for the federal building and fire safety investigation of the World Trade Center disaster, presented the report and responded to questions from the reporters in the audience.


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Official Report on Collapse of World Trade Center 7 (WTC-7)


August 21, 2008 C-SPAN



9/11 Mystery Solved! Why Building 7 (WTC-7) Collapsed

9-11 Debate: Loose Change Filmmakers vs. Popular Mechanics Editors of Debunking 9-11 Myths (vid) (2006)


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  2. Even when presented with actual facts, the conspiracy nuts refuse to let go of their dementia. The yippings about Bldg 7 remind me of the yappings about Obama’s birth certificate. Some people just cannot accept the world for what it is. tsk, tsk.

  3. DAMN. Shyam is a [edited]! He works along side these guys from John Jay College like Robert Shaler, who worked with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of New York, who resigned to work for Penn State. The John Jay College must be a school for CIA agents and anytime they need a cohort for the administrations propaganda UGH makes me so mad..they even pulled a guy from there for this video. Shyam (from India) worked alongside Raju Venkataram who is currently in jail (who really knows) for embezzling 9 million dollars from the OCME, money that was supposed to be used to identify the remains of what was left of people in New York. Oh, and that never happened. All they have to do is create fancy powerpoints, computer models, and there you have it folks RESULTS that mean nothing but are supposed to appease the average American into GOING back to SLEEP.

    Indian gets 15 years in jail for embezzling 9/11 funds

  4. Complete and total garbage. They have a recording of the request to “pull” building 7. I myself remember well the memo circulated September 6th (the Thursday before) requesting all SSE’s to be prepared to support WTC customers as they recovered from a “site wide building level powerdown” the weekend of Sept 8th and 9th, which is the same weekend they pulled the bomb sniffing dogs.

    This is 100% smoke and mirrors – more of the same as was circulated through Popular Mechanics, which is a magazine published by the American Institute of Physics where I worked for 2 years. AIP is owned lock stock and barrel by the government – and the very spooky side of government at that. The Popular Mechanics crapola has been debunked. Listen to part 1 of a radio interview here:


    9/11 was an inside job. Period final.

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