Ron Paul: DNC Camps & NATO + Tour of Gitmo on the Platte

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Tour of Gitmo on the Platte


More at After the site and interior of the secret detention center in Denver, developed in anticipation of the DNC, was exposed, the Sheriff’s Office decided they may as well give the media a tour to reassure public sentiment. Undersheriff Bill Lovingier showed TV, newspaper, radio, and new media around the facility, walking through the process a detainee would face.

One change made to the facility because of the media coverage and resulting community outrage is the removal of razor wire on the interior holding pens.

Lovingier explains the change and why the extra security is needed within the facility not just to prevent people from escaping, but also to prevent protest and counter-protest groups from clashing violently while being held.

The ACLU has raised a concern about the process, saying Colorado law requires lawyers to meet with their clients within the detention center. Lovingier sidestepped a question about this, saying only “you’re correct, that is what the ACLU has said.”


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  5. It’s stunning. We used to think of the Democratic Party as the party of the people. Now, if we try to talk to Nancy Pelosi, they put us in prison.
    If we try to make our voices heard at the convention, they put us in prison. It’s not hard to believe that it won’t be long before our own Democratic Party will put us in prison for thinking ‘wrong thoughts’.

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