Inside Iraq: American master plan with Robert Fisk

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My gosh, this is difficult to watch.  This is the worst interview I’ve seen.  Who is this guy, Brad Blakeman?  And why was he invited to do this show?  Wonder if Fisk will ever do another show with Al Jazeera?  ~ Lo


Since the end of the Cold War a decade ago, the U.S. has gone to war in Iraq, Somalia, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan.

Supporters say the interventions are humanitarian deployments to stop aggression, to topple dictatorships, or to halt what they describe as terrorism.

Critics argue that with the US possessing unprecedented economic and military strength, American leaders have openly embraced the idea of imposing its ambitions on to the world.

However, after each U.S. intervention, the attention of supporters and critics alike has turned to speculate on which countries would be next.

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Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 4)

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy)
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Free Energy and the Open Source Energy Movement (Part 3)

By Steve Windisch (jibbguy) 8-2008

Free Energy may indeed be the key To solving many serious problems that confront our society today. So what does the term free energy mean, anyway? In the previous articles, the definition has been given as cheap, abundant, and clean energy from sources not yet accepted by the mainstream of science. Despite the many proofs we have seen so far that would clearly call for more study. So it can also refer to the free, unfettered, and open study of new technologies that provide these new fuels and power sources; performed by universities and private R& D organizations which receive grants to do so in good faith Well-funded studies by mainstream reputable institutions totally free from government or corporate interference; and not hampered by old scientific dogmatic thought patterns that resist change.

What is meant by government interference: Why would the government try to stop scientific research that would obviously benefit Humanity from being performed? This is a very good question, for which there are yet no sure answers available to the public. However; there is little doubt that suppression of free energy technologies by the military has been a fact for many years, and there are proofs of this. It would seem that the U.S., and other militaries believe (or claim at any rate), that these technologies should remain secret… Some of them still buried under a pall of secrecy 30 years or more after the first patent requests were filed…. So that the military industrial complex may have full use of them while the populace remains utterly ignorant of their very existence. But many of these declared-secret patents or devices are  never pursued seriously by the military… Simply and silently shelved…. Forever.

Government Suppression?

There are persons working in the U.S. Patent office, who have come forward with information regarding how free energy devices are often stolen or suppressed by the government…. This has been reported on by long-time Patent Office employee Thomas Valone, PhD, to have happened to over 4,000 patent filings. Once a patent request is filed in the United States, it is automatically and immediately studied carefully by scientists and engineers working within the Pentagon. If it meets certain criteria, then the patent request, and anything pertaining to the device mentioned, is declared Classified … Secret. The inventor is then informed of this, and has an opportunity to convince the Pentagon people that his or her device is not really worthy of the secret tag. If the inventor fails to do this… Then this is essentially the end of that inventors dream. They may be offered a job to secretly continue the development of the technology, or possibly grant money via a University to work on unrelated things, or they may not. They may be offered a small licensing fee or a stipend for the device (usually a tiny fraction of the devices true commercial worth), or may not be offered anything at all. One thing they will always be told, in no uncertain terms, is to never talk about it publicly again…. Under penalty of imprisonment. Imagine working for many years; putting all your energy and money into building a new device that would revolutionize the use of energy, ending our dependence on foreign oil… Then just as you have reached success… The government seizes your devices, your test gear, your notes… The entire fruits of your labor…. And then threatens you with prison. All in a land of supposed free enterprise. There is clear evidence that this is going on, and has been for a very long time. And there is also evidence that this happens disproportionally to technologies and devices which could coincidentally also threaten the hegemony of oil or coal.

The reasons why this happens can only be conjectured on. Are there good reasons to stop people from powering their vehicles from nothing but water…? Can a motor that runs on no external source or fuel, powered by the motive force of magnets alone, be considered a danger to the nation? Perhaps some of these questions are worthy of debate. But however, one sure thing is that there will be no public debate on this topic; as long as the mainstream media refuses to discuss anything concerning free energy devices. For if they did, a free lance journalist such as the author would not be reporting on these things, heard by many here for the first time, as the reader would already be well aware of them… And we would have free energy devices available in the marketplace already by the score. Because, good people, please note that these amazing devices and technologies do indeed exist; some of them for many years, and that they will end the use of petroleum and coal as fuel within only a few years of being widely introduced.

Many Congresspersons and their staff know the above statements regarding the widespread theft via secretization of patents by the government are warranted; because they have received complaints from constituents who have been victimized in this manner, and the law makers have looked into this issue for themselves. Many have come to the same conclusion: Perhaps it is time to overhaul the Patent Laws… And insure that the military industrial complex does not have unchecked and unmonitored carte blanch control over the release of new energy technology… And any future stealing and suppressing of patents must have the expressed approval of a diverse Congressional panel first, using time-sealed public records. This move will help insure that the true security needs of the nation are still met… And that the suppression of free energy devices by the government is not in reality a matter of energy cartel security. And such laws will insure that inventors who have worked for years, investing their own savings and all they have into a project, will not be robbed by the barons of the corporate military industrial complex… Hiding behind a false banner of National Security to kill-off competition and insure continued monopoly.

These proposed changes in Patent laws would also regulate and legitimize a practice that is in essence Constitutionally illegal to begin with… Restoring the Rule of Law to our Patent Office and the Pentagon. It would insure no corporation working with the military could benefit from these stolen patents. And that the inventors were properly compensated…. This is very important: it goes well beyond the welfare of a single inventor and their family; it reaches deep into the heart of the American inventive dream to insure we will have great inventors continue to come forward, continuing to strive against long odds and years of setbacks and near-poverty to bring new scientific discoveries to market in our country… Instead of losing this important edge to foreign competitors… Which is exactly what is happening to us today.

The Answer to Suppression: Open Source It!

Enter the Open Source Energy Movement. Herein lies the answer to the above roadblocks to bringing new energy devices into the mainstream; at least until the patent laws change. The answer is simple: Dont attempt to patent your device: Open Source it with full disclosure and documentation. Make all the information available freely on the Internet, and it can hardly then be declared secret. You cannot be imprisoned after the fact of the device being open sourced before you receive an illegal-to-begin-with gag order. This changes the paradigm to one that allows free energy devices to be built, studied, replicated, proven via independent testing, promoted, reported on, marketed… And eventually through grass-roots multiple examples and proofs, forces the mainstream media and scientific community to accept rather then simply ignore and deride…. As they can do now to lone and secretive inventors with contemptible ease.

Inventors who Open Source their device will still gain monetary rewards. But beyond that, they could gain the immortality of history; as well as the gratitude of billions of people world-wide whose lives would be vastly improved. In an ideal world, the old way of procuring patents and then lining-up the most lucrative manufacturing deals is perfectly fine; inventors certainly deserve to be compensated for their work. But when you look at all the people who have tried this over the years; NONE have succeeded when it comes to new energy technologies that would seriously compete with oil and coal. Clearly something else is needed….. Something that changes the rules, and something that gives the free energy inventors, and the people of the world, a fair chance of getting these devices out into the marketplace.

The Open Source Energy Movement provides that edge. It gives a free energy device inventor the power of many: Added security from suppression, free R & D help for the technology, and the very important advantages of having the work replicated and proven by others all around the world. Thus the concepts are proven, the device improved, the skeptics silenced, and the way for success left open. THIS is the only current answer to getting free energy devices into our homes and vehicles: By doing it ourselves. And this is exactly what is happening today, as we read this… All over the world by the tens of thousands of people actively working in the Open Source Energy movement…. In a way that is effective and unstoppable.

The Open Source Energy community is recruiting… If you have technical knowledge, mechanical skills, an electrical or electronics background, a keen and inquisitive mind, or just a strong desire to end the use of oil and coal as fuels: Humankind could use your talents; and perhaps it could be argued that they are needed more now than ever before in our history. There are very few things most of us can do as individuals to change the world for the better: This is one of them. There are many ways to contribute, not all of them by performing experiments, building new devices, and replicating designs at home. Simply taking the time to study these technologies, to judge their validity for yourselves; and then telling your all friends, family, and coworkers about them; is doing an important service.  If 10,000 of us tell ten people about them… And they tell 10; that is a million people who now know there are cheap, clean, and available alternatives. Then soon there will be ten million… And a hundred million… And that will spell the end of our using fossil fuels for energy… The end of most forms of pollution, the eventual end of hunger and end of fighting wars for energy. The deserts will be turned into farmland via cheap desalinization of water. Third-world countries will become able to develop safely without polluting the planet, to feed and educate their people, which is a proven means of controlling population via increased education and prosperity.… Until that Third term is no longer even valid. But what it will do for a society presently based on scarcity and highly-centralized and hierarchical control of energy is perhaps even more dramatic… It could change the way we all think.

Plasma: An Important Potential Energy Source, in Many Ways

Plasma can be described as a unique state of matter; similar to but not exactly gaseous, in which excited gasses will freely emit large amounts of electrons (and have several other unusual characteristics); that could not otherwise be seen or extracted. In the Earths atmosphere Lightening is a form of plasma arc, as are the related strange and less common phenomena called Sprites, Jets, and St. Elmos Fire. Other examples of plasma include its use in fluorescent lighting and computer/TV video screens. Matter in a plasma state often does not have any significant electrical resistance, and its conductivity can approach infinite. It also does not adhere to many Maxwellian laws, and very unique waves and energy potentials can be generated which can be seen nowhere else in science. When in a plasma state, ionized gasses will emit photons (light), and have a much larger percentage of their electrons available for use or manipulation… These are the reasons it has become an important subject for study, and why it has very great potential for producing usable free energy.

M.I.T. has a large and well-funded program studying various aspects of plasma, as do several other universities. Recently M.I.T. has announced success with converting hydrocarbon fuels with plasma, to disassociate them into constituent elements in order for Carbon-based fuels to burn with much greater efficiency (… Something already well-known for nearly 90 years before). But again, as we see so often with free energy type devices; individuals and groups not working within the scientific mainstream are doing the really groundbreaking research when it comes to inventing new energy-producing technologies… While the scientific mainstream community may work on the periphery but not directly tackle the politically dangerous subjects smacking of perpetual motion… Which coincidentally also compete with the use of coal and oil as fuels.

One highly-respected scientist outside of the mainstream who has had great success creating energy from plasma in recent years is Dr. Kiril Chukanov. In his vacuum plasma chambers, he has been able to create perpetually-sustained balls of plasma as big as a mans head which are then bombarded with microwave and other forms of energy. This system produces direct electricity, as well as large amounts of heat and Hydrogen which can also be converted to usable energy. His latest systems can generate over 1 Megawatts of output for 100 Kilowatts input (COP > 8; or eight times energy input-to-output efficiency once 130kW is fed back in to make the system self-sustaining); and Dr. Chukanov claims that eventually over-unity figures in the thousands are possible. He is apparently currently working with Canadian energy concerns in a project shrouded in secrecy to cheaply process heavy oil from the Alberta Oil Sands fields; on a project using his plasma generators to extract the oil in a much more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly way (the heat and Hydrogen creation by-products are especially useful for this). He is also said to be working towards commercializing the technology to create mid-sized self-powered electrical generators to power neighborhoods or factories. Dr. Chukanov believes that in the near term, his system can also be used along with coal to create synthetic oil fuels and methane as a short-term answer  (similar to what Germany did in the later part of World War Two, but in a much cheaper and more energy-efficient way).

Dr. Chukovs website, with photos, videos, and extensive and detailed audio interviews of the scientist:

Other successful examples of generating energy from plasma can be seen by the PAGD Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge experiments of Dr.s Paulo and Alexandra Correa, the Blacklight Corporations work in this field (which has commercialized it for production of highly specialized molecular compounds as well as energy); and the Papp Engine, a unique invention by Josef Papp. All three of these devices/technologies were embraced by Dr. Eugene Mallove for being very worthy of further study and development by the mainstream, before his murder over four years ago (see article #3 of this series for further details).

The history of the Papp invention tells a strange and fascinating tale. Josef Papp fled Communist Hungary in 1957; coming first to Canada and the then the U.S. where he worked on a very unique device that used noble (inert) gasses in a closed system and ignited with plasma spark to power a reciprocating piston engine. In the mid 1960s he first announced his discovery (along with some bizarre claims of it powering a super-fast submarine that could cross the Atlantic in less than a day), and had got some press coverage as well as much scientific interest. Over the years, many witnesses saw the Papp engine run… Self-powered and producing large amounts of torque (the last version producing over 100 horsepower); using a mix of purified noble gasses locked inside the engine that were continually recycled; supposedly being able to last for years without needing to be renewed or changed. Also, there have been working replications, most notably by a former associate of Papp; James Jimmy Sabori. Shortly before Mr. Saboris death, he claimed that besides the large amounts of horsepower torque, huge amounts of electricity were also directly generated from his noble gas–plasma engine. With the successful replications, media coverage, many witnesses, government and academic involvement….There really is no doubt that the Papp Engine was a real and working device.

By 1968, enough interest was generated for the government and several military contractors to become involved, and it was being tested successfully by independent sources…. Running without any fuel other than the constantly re-used noble gasses in the piston cylinders, operating at full power indoors for many hours at a time with no pollution output (proving there was no hidden source of chemical fuel). However, there was a tragedy: While being tested in the California desert under the auspices of California Institute of Technology (Caltech). on October 27th 1968; the engine suddenly exploded as it was turned on, killing one person and injuring several others. The amount of inert gas that was injected into the cylinder of the device prior to the event was only a few cubic centimeters… And the device was sealed and witnessed by Naval Research Lab personnel who were there to observe and insure there was no other motive power or energy source involved except the usual high-voltage plasma spark ignition powered by a starting battery. Yet the converted Volvo engine exploded with much more violence than any internal combustion engine ever should have… Proving there was indeed huge power being created by the plasma ignition of noble gasses. After this evenp, and a subsequent court battle where Caltech settled out of court for liability, there was mainly silence about the device.

Josef Papp died in 1983, without ever seeing his engine make it into commercial production despite its successes. Yet there was no question that the device, and the concept of using inert gas exploded by plasma spark, certainly did work as promised. The Papp Engine is perhaps one of the most striking and interesting examples of free energy suppression that have happened in the last 40 years: Because it did have significant press coverage and successful independent testing overseen openly by universities, defense contractors, and government agencies prior to the accident.

An article by Dr. Eugene Mallove on the Papp Engine (from his magazine Infinite Energy):

The use of plasma to create energy in an internal combustion engine is now being rigorously studied again outside of the mainstream: But this time in combination with water as a fuel… And not by a lone inventor; but by a whole host of independent researchers in the Open Source Energy movement.

Plasma Spark Explosion of Water: Could This End Oil as a Fuel?

What is currently happening in the Open Source world is generating a great excitement and buzz of interest. It has to do with the fact that water can be exploded using a big enough radiant spark… A spark large enough that it is plasma in nature, and similar to the strange phenomena known as ball lighting.  In fact, the phenomena has been described as Thunder and Lightning… Happening on a tiny scale inside of an internal combustion engine: The violent explosion of water droplets when pulsed with high voltage arc.

For nearly three years, many people have been working on this after reading on Open Source Energy forums about a person who claimed to run his V-8 car on water, using nothing but large High Voltage-boosted spark to explode tap water in the cylinders of an internal combustion engine. Many researchers did not believe this claim, and the proof offered was scant; although block diagram schematics and information on how to replicate the effect were offered. The inventor was very worried about his anonymity (possibly with very good reason), and wished to not be in the limelight at all…. Thus every little bit of information on this amazing claim was shrouded by mystery; only broken occasionally by Internet posts further explaining and detailing how he did it (… But containing very little in the way of verifiable proof). However, last month some additional proofs of concept came to light that showed beyond any doubt that it was indeed possible to create a large enough spark that would explode water with considerable force… Thus proving the concept and possibility of the Water Car, if not the actual existence of one.

In a parallel related item, two years ago an inventor by the name of Robert Krupa announced something that rocked the automotive world; which he called the FireStorm Sparkplug. It was a highly uniquely design that was much different than a regular plug: The electrode (cathode) is a spherical ball, and the anodes were hemispherical thick steel wires that arch over this sphere in an X configuration (although Mr. Krupa has since improved and changed the basic design somewhat). The result is a vastly larger and more powerful plasma ball of spark; that explodes gasoline much more efficiently than a regular spark does. In fact, if the car using FireStorm plugs can generate the large enough spark (many vehicles may need minor modifications to the ignition coil system to produce the one Joule of energy needed for the big sparks); then gasoline mileage increases of 40% or more are possible! Just from using a different, higher-powered spark and leaning-out the cars fuel-air ratio (increasing the air vs. gasoline, to an amazing 30:1 or higher). Oddly enough, when using this high AFR gasoline mix ignited by FireStorms, the temperature of the exhaust drops by 100 degrees F; and the horsepower as measured by Dynameter increases dramatically.

Mr. Krupa has had the FireStorm independently tested, and also tested by spark plug manufacturers who were interested in buying it from him. The results were very positive in that it does all it is claimed to, but there was a problem: Because of the inherent design, the plug would not foul or wear-out over time like other designs. This stopped it from consideration by the plug makers, who have no interest in building a product that never needs replacement; cutting their own throat for future sales. Robert Krupa is currently lining-up manufacturing of his own for the product internationally, and may offer it for retail sale by the end of 2008  if all goes well. Let us hope he is successful in this; as the savings in gasoline and pollution this product alone will bring would be tremendous.

An automotive industry news report about the FireStorm Spark Plug:

Internal combustion engines, even brand new in 2008,  are notoriously inefficient…. Anywhere from 20% to 35% efficiency is the norm. That means that a very large amount of fuel is wasted… Unburned and sent out of the exhaust because of the relatively slow-burning nature of petroleum-based fuels which have large, complex molecules. In fact this unburned fuel is the reason gasoline-powered cars in the U.S. must have a catalytic converter installed to trap it and partially combust it further before sending it out of the tail pipe. The FireStorm increases the burn rate of the fuel, vastly improving the efficiency; and lowering emissions greatly as well. It does a similar thing to what using Hydroxy does (HHO/Browns Gas; using Hydrogen and Oxygen monatomic and diatomic gasses disassociated from water as a fuel booster for gasoline and Diesel), but without the need for an electrolyzer system to crack the water into the hydroxy gas first. So the average car could have instant mileage increases simply by switching to FireStorm plugs, and if the vehicles coil ignition system was slightly modified to increase the voltage (if required), and the fuel-air ratio leaned-out, the savings could be the very dramatic 40% or more figure, which has been seen via independent testing. But modern computers in cars will require some re-programming or fooling of the Oxygen Sensor before allowing leaner burns: So this will also need to be performed if the full gas savings are to be seen… However these minor modifications would certainly be worth it if 40% increases in mileage could be realized, not to mention vastly decreased pollution emissions (and the hydroxy community has already come up with several solutions for this oxygen sensor and computer re-programming problems, since they are commonly seen when using hydroxy HHO boosters as well).

What the FireStorm does is also similar to what many have tried to do over the last 90 years, but have been constantly stymied from doing by the oil companies: Turn gasoline into a vapor before injecting it into an engine.  There is clear proof that vaporized pure gasoline (without certain additives) burns much more efficiently, and mileage figures of up to 200 MPG have been seen using vaporized fuel with very lean air-fuel ratios (150% to 250% mileage increases are more common). But for widespread use the problem for many years has been the special additives that are put into the fuel by the oil corporations: These gasoline additives fight vaporization and make it much less effective. Also, the best way to vaporize the fuel is by using the heat of the exhaust to do so: And any tampering of  the exhaust system is prohibited by U.S. Federal law (….Ever since the advent of the catalytic converter in the late 1970s). Ironically, vaporized gas burns so completely and cleanly, there is no longer any need for the cat-box. The FireStorms big plasma ball of spark helps provide the same positive feature of what vaporization does: Vastly improves the efficiency of the burn; allowing the fuel-air ratio to grow significantly leaner. So when implemented, this invention will be an immediate Godsend to those of the middle class, working poor, and small businesses who are being broken by the ever-rising high prices at the pumps.

So when people saw what was possible with the FireStorm; and read about the mysterious person who ran his car on nothing but tap water using large plasma sparks, it began to become evident to many that large plasma-like sparks may be the answer to the Holy Grail dream of running our cars on nothing but water… So earlier this year, an experimenter in the Open Source Energy movement created a simple circuit that proves the concept that this large plasma spark can explode water. This intrepid home engineer and inventor, using the internet name Gotoluc, opened new threads in the Overunity and Energetic Forums Open Source Energy sites (linked at the end of this article), and showed well-made and comprehensive You-Tube videos detailing the event along with circuit schematics for all to see. In these threads, one can see how a mixed high-voltage and low voltage/ high-current boosted spark is generated across a standard spark plug… Then water is sprayed onto the spark gap, and the large plasma sparks induced again. And with the advent of the water, the results are dramatic: There is a loud BANG and a bright flash as the plain tap water in the spark area explodes.. The effects are loud enough over time to deafen; and the flashes bright enough with a large infra-red element to require dark glasses to keep it from damaging the eyes (… The thunder and lightening effect). Gotolucs video is below, and in the thread many other videos from several people (including luminaries of the free energy movement such as Dr. Peter Lindemann), who have successfully replicated the basic experiment and have added their own twists to the circuits and effects, can also be seen:

Gotolucs vid which started it all:

Ossies exploding salt water:

Jetijs plasma spark (using steam/vapor):

Dr. Peter Lindemanns replication of the plasma spark phenomena:

Some astonishing water plasma spark effects from Mdbreedi:

One of Capacitor 70s many replications working outside an engine

The main thread covering this subject at Overunity forums, with many more videos:

The main thread for this subject at Energetic Forums: also with many more videos and photos:

Now these experiment designs by Gotoluc, Ossie, Capacitor70, Aaron, Jetijs, Dr. Peter Lindemann, Xbox Hacker, Allcanadian, Mdbreedi, and many others are mostly outside of an engine, showing how the spark is generated and the explosion of water happens. But the concept is clear: With a large enough radiant spark, water will release significant energy in what appears to be an explosion. Exactly what is going on here scientifically speaking, is yet unproven either way: It could be the breaking of molecular inter-acting bonds, as proposed by Dr. Peter Graneaus experiments with water fogging; explained as energy being released when water turns from a compact liquid into a fine mist (..but still molecularly bonded as H2O)…. Or rather it may be caused by the disassociation of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, such as in hydroxy…. Except done instantaneously and not via use of an electrolyzer cell as usually done. In this case the water is disassociated, the Hydrogen combusted with an explosion/implosion mixed effect, and the result being that the HHO is combined near-instantaneously back into water again (the implosion effect is caused by the H and O recombining). No one can say for sure yet exactly what the scientific explanation is. Apparently there is some energy that can be released simply by turning liquid water quickly into a fog (as Dr. Graneaus theory states). Yet this is thought to be a cold reaction, which actually lowers ambient temperature rather than raises it.

The explosion of water inside of an engine has been reported to be done recently by the same person who claimed to run the car on water (with a detailed video showing it this time); inside of an 16 H.P. single-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine. In this case, using only tap water injected into the cylinder, the motor will turn over and run (abet poorly, but run it does). The exhaust is reported to be cooler than standard gasoline operation, yet still hot (which could not be easily explained by the Graneau theory of  energy released by the fogging of water, and points more to the hydroxy disassociation into H and O). Capacitor70 has also provided a video showing it running in a small motor-bike engine (also running poorly and sporadically, but operating). So the jury is still out on the scientific explanation for what is causing this weird and wonderful reaction. However.. This lack of sure theory is not stopping further experimentation and it is  proceeding at a fast pace.

Video of the Brigs & Stratton running on tap water via plasma spark:

Capacitor70s motorbike engine video (we can only imagine he wishes he had electric start)!

When watching these videos of the small engines being run on nothing but water and plasma spark, one can get the feel for what it must have been like to be on hand to watch the Wright Brothers on a beach at Kittyhawk.

In any case, this bizarre and surprising phenomena of water being exploded by a large plasma spark is readily reproducible outside of an engine; as dozens of people working in the Open Source Energy movement all over the world have already proven (…With more every day replicating the basic spark circuits and over 30 You-Tube videos from different people showing the effect). The circuits for doing so are being refined and simplified nearly daily by experimenters, all working together, playing off one anothers designs to improve the circuits… With the clear goal of eventually moving this proof-of-concept phase over to having it work reliably within small engines (as is being attempted now by many people at the time of publication, 8-2008).

One answer to furthering this technology may lie in the patents of the American Hero of modern hydroxy: Stanley Meyer. Meyer was an inventor in Ohio, who was one of the first to build a car that ran on nothing but water in the early 1990s. Meyers system used a very efficient electrolyzer cell producing hydroxy gas,  plus a special spark plug that was really both a water injector and complex electrode that would squirt small amounts of water treated with RF wave energy into the cylinder, then explode it all via high voltage. This combination of plasma explosion of water, plus hydroxy gas coming in through the air intake, was powerful enough to run Meyers famous Volkswagen dune buggy (… Of which there were many witnesses including scientists, engineers and Professors; and several videos from local TV news stories showing it running successfully on the road).

Local news report showing the Stanley Meyer water-powered dune buggy on the road:

Stanley Meyer tragically died in 1998 under mysterious circumstances; just after reportedly making a manufacturing agreement for his discoveries. Coming out of the restaurant where he had been meeting with Belgian businessmen, he collapsed and died; his last words spoken were reported to be: Ive been poisoned!.

Interesting enough, Stan Meyer by his own account narrowly avoided the Seizure in the Name of National Security of his patents by the U.S. Government, who were attempting to have his technology declared classified. Apparently, according to Meyer, he avoided this by use of a method of sending the information out in written form to another country before the government could act with a gag order (there is clear evidence Stan Meyer was working with the British Admiralty on pursuing some of his devices for powering ships). There has been much speculation about his death; but the Franklin County autopsy stated he died of a brain aneurysm. In any case, Stanley Meyers death was the end of his water car or electrolyzer units being marketed (the dune buggy and his electrolyzer units mysteriously disappeared soon after the tragic event). In June, 2007; many of his patents expired.

So we have the background: Dr. Kiril Chukanov, Josef Papp, and others have successfully created energy from using plasma. Stanley Meyer used both hydroxy and water exploded by HV plasma-like spark to power a vehicle; with many witnesses to back this. Mr. Robert Krupa designed a revolutionary new spark plug that utilizes plasma spark to ignite gasoline with greater efficiency inside an engine, greatly improving mileage and lowering emissions (Mr. Krupa has also observed the amazing plasma spark exploding water phenomena). And we have the recent experiments first reported by Gotoluc and then furthered by over 20 other experimenters in the Open Source Energy community that show beyond doubt that a plasma spark will explode water with significant energy being produced. And there is the unverified and mostly anecdotal information about the person who ran a V-8 engine of a car on nothing but water via plasma spark; plus the same persons more recent videos of single-cylinder small engines being run on nothing but tap water (but yet to be fully verified); as well as Capacitor 70s video of the motor-bike engine running on water. These items strongly point to pursuing the use of plasma as an important energy source, and for using plasma spark to explode water as a fuel for internal combustion engines. And thus has the great excitement and interest in the various Open Source forums regarding plasma been generated… And explains why many people have temporarily dropped other free energy projects they were working on and are now actively reproducing and furthering the effect.

What can we expect in the next few months from this? Many are now working on moving the experiments and replications to the small engine phase. But there will be several hurdles yet to overcome: Just how much water is needed in the cylinder, what engine timing to best use, how to inject the water into the cylinder for best results, exactly how much HV plasma spark is needed, how to best throttle the engine to control RPM … All these important questions and more must be answered by empirical testing of new ideas; failure after failure can be expected before good results finally start to happen. But since this is an Open Source project, the results will be shared, and thus much time saved. And once the answers come, all the information will be directly transferable for use with large multi-cylinder gasoline, and eventually Diesel engines…. So that we can start running our existing cars and trucks on nothing but water with some fairly minor modifications. Maybe one of the readers who are learning of this for the first time now today, and who then goes on to study this further, will be one of the first to announce their verifiable and successful replication of a working water car. There could possibly be several, perhaps dozens, who do so within the next year; sharing their schematics and plans so that others may do so as well. The more who replicate the better: This is the most effective way for this important, history-changing technology to breakout into the mainstream… Via multiple, even hundreds, of proofs announced simultaneously all over the world so it becomes very difficult to deny and suppress any further.

It could turn out, at least until all-new engine designs are created to best utilize the effect, that to best make an engine run smoothly and with well-metered throttle; HHO hydroxy will be needed for fuel as well… A system using both the simple tap water and hydroxy gas exploded together inside the cylinder by large plasma spark. This system would explain a question which has nagged hydroxy enthusiasts for several years: How did Stan Meyer create enough hydroxy gas to run a vehicle? Some tests have shown that vast quantities of hydroxy alone are needed to do this, more than the Meyer electrolyzer cell should have possibly generated (yet there is much evidence that his dune buggy indeed worked). When used as a mileage booster with gasoline, not much hydroxy is needed at all (as little as 3% by volume to get a significant result)… It would seem by the many years of study on this by the Open Source people as well as the many companies now producing boosting systems, that the hydroxy gas works most efficiently as a fuel when there is another fuel as catalyst. So it could be that the regular tap water exploded via plasma spark will act as this catalyst, cutting the amount of hydroxy gas needed way down from what would be required to run a vehicle by itself, and answering some of the problems associated with running the car on only the tap water being exploded by plasma spark (such as throttle/RPM control). Or, it is also quite possible that simply using the tap water exploded via plasma spark will suffice to run an engine without the need for a separate hydroxy electrolyzer system…. If proper methods of solving the above problems are found.

But there is one large problem that will likely remain a damper: That of the plasma arc not creating a wave front chain reaction of explosion with water. Only water that is touched by the plasma itself will react (just as lightening in a rain storm will not turn the entire sky into an inferno, but only affect the water touched by the strike)…. Which means that the sparks plasma ball lightening size needs to be large enough in diameter to explode enough water to move a piston, yet not be too large or powerful enough to burn or melt the metal surfaces of the engine. At this point it is too early to know these answers. Both the hydroxy and plasma exploding technologies come from water anyway; and testing has proved that the electrical power needed to produce them in both cases can be provided by a cars alternator and battery in a closed, self-powered system. But what is certainly known so far; is that something very important is going on here!

A commonly-heard question about the technology is: How will water, and especially salt water, affect a standard internal combustion engine? Well, as one would think, corrosion damage over time is a strong possibility. But when one considers that the engines used 100 years ago by the Wright Brothers as well as the first Curtiss and European aeroplane designs, were terrible by modern standards… Only lasting 60 hours in operation or less… This would be more than enough to prove the concept; as those sputtering, oil-leaking rattle-traps did back in the early days of powered flight (and would do so today with considerably more safety than those brave early pilots enjoyed). And as the plasma-spark exploding water technology becomes mainstream, the market will solve these problems as totally new engine designs best utilizing the technology will be designed, as well as corrosion-resistant after-market coatings that will allow existing motors to last longer… Allowing us to slowly segue over to new engine designs without prohibitive cost. After all, engine efficiency will now have another meaning: If a motor uses twice as much water fuel as it did before… This is not a horrible thing! Especially since the resultant exhaust is only water that can be captured and re-used.

The reader may ask:

How is it possible that these simple experiments proving that water can be exploded by plasma spark, have never been discovered before ?!

The answer is that this effect certainly has been discovered before… And likely many times by several different inventors. But if the person or persons who discovered it then tried to patent it… Then it is very likely that the public is unaware because the patents were declared secret in the name of National Security. Or it could be because the patents were bought by a corporation that shelved them, and the inventor(s) ordered to not talk about it as part of a multi-million Dollar deal (it would be interesting to see if a corporation would have the nerve to file patent violation complaints today if they had done this: Their public relations would certainly suffer greatly when the news got out)… Or it could be we havent heard about it because the inventor died before being able to market their discovery; such as in the tragic case of Stanley Meyer; who reportedly resisted selling-out several times in order to insure the technology would be made widely available by the buyer. At any rate, the only reason we are hearing about this now is because it is being done via Open Source and reported on via the alternative media of the Internet…

The people of the Open Source Energy movement who are replicating this and who want to move it to the next and then ultimate levels of powering vehicles or home electrical generators, are doing it not for money, but for the good of our society; as well as for themselves in enlightened self-interest. Patent infringement suits can only be filed realistically against those trying to market and prosper from a technology or device; not against those who build it for their own study or use and not for selling…. And the governments use of the Patent Office as a means of suppressing technology only affects those who file patents and who try to keep the technology known only to themselves. This is why the model of Open Source is so important, and why it will eventually provide us with the truly effective, clean, and low-cost alternatives to using oil and coal that this country, and this planet, so desperately need…. Despite those who would stop it from happening.

One very important note: Replicating these experiments with High Voltage plasma sparks of up to 80,000 Volts or more going from the ignition coil to the spark plug are dangerous and extreme caution is required… As with any High Voltage electrical work; be it in the free energy arena or in the mainstream. Those who try them at home should have a very good understanding of just how dangerous HV can be and realize that it could easily END your time here on Earth if the proper safety procedures are not ALWAYS remembered and taken. Write a safety procedure and check-off list, and put it on the wall of your work area where you can easily see it at all times as a reminder. Dont work alone without someone nearby who can help you in times of emergency. And insure your hand tools are properly insulated, inspect them for breaks in the insulation regularly. ALWAYS disconnect the power source before working on a circuit, and in the case of large capacitors, fully discharge them first as well (this can be done safely simply by putting a high-wattage resistor across the caps terminals for several seconds). We hope to have all of our Open Source Energy experimenters with us for a very long time, certainly long enough to enjoy and share the sweet victory of experiencing cheap, abundant, and clean energy coming into all of our lives… At long last!

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The very extensive Overunity forums; where internet inventors and experimenters share their projects using the Open Source model. Fascinating reading! :

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Dr. Peter Lindemanns site, great source of information and the place to buy his excellent DVDs, they are a requirement to truly understanding this subject:

The Pure Energy Systems main page; great source of general information and news:

Dr. Kiril Chukanovs website detailing his work with producing energy from Plasma:

Col. Tom Beardons excellent site; the most comprehensive available for the new physics theories explaining free energy principals, as well as listings of many inventions:

Inventor John Bedinis website, a major source for understanding magnetic motors, and his pulsing, de-sulfating battery chargers:

Rex Research. A top resource for free energy devices:

Keeleynet.. Interesting font of info for news and hundreds of inventions:

ZPEnergy. News and forum dedicated to researching and discussing news forms of energy:

Air Car Access, a great site for exploring the wonders of compressed air and the many inventions that have utilized it.. An often over-looked subject with great promise for free energy:

**~Imhotep~** The Inventors website. Featured in article #2 of this series, **~Imhotep~** has several great free energy devices that are easy to build, including his latest Radiant Pulse CFL Charger which uses modified, highly-efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps in a nearly free-energy way of producing both light and self-sustaining battery charge:


Are CFL’s Designed to Make Us Pay More on Our Power Bills?

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Joe Biden: On the Issues by Lo + Obama Introduces Joe Biden

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Aug 23, 2008

Lots of info: Biden: On the Issues

Congressional Votes

Joseph Biden has missed 193 votes (30.3%) during the current Congress.

Joseph Biden has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 96.6% of the time during the current Congress. This percentage does not include votes in which Biden did not vote.

Voted against H.R. 6304; Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978


The picture shows where Joe Biden falls on their graph.

From the Political Compass

Take the test

US Primaries Chart 2008

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The Five Iraqs By Scott Ritter

CIA photos; Guantanamo Bay; Torture cover-up; Director to Testify and more (links) + Biden (video)

NPR Iowa Public Radio Democratic Debate (12.04.07) + Iran Sparks Fireworks One of the better debates from the primary season, imo.

Senator Joe Biden: I Stand By My Impeachment Threat! (videos)

If you love Joe Biden, you’ll love Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, and Dodd – but not Kucinich


Obama Introduces Joe Biden


Barack Obama’s introduction of Joe Biden in Springfield, IL.


[Biden’s speech starts around 13 or 14 mins in]

Barack Obama Introduces Joe Biden as Running Mate



If I Were A Democrat Again, this is What I’d Tell Obama

“Change,” “Hope” … Why They Must be Talking About Joe Biden! By ALEXANDER COCKBURN

Deconstructing Brzezinski’s Russia By Jim Miles

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Sent to me by Jason Miller from Thomas Paine’s Corner. Thanks, Jason.

By Jim Miles

The warrior ethic of the American Imperial elite, embodied in its fullest measure by Zbigniew Brzezinski, has been rejuvenated momentarily by Russia’s attack on Georgia. Reading Brzezinski’s words leaves one choking on their overt hypocrisy or laughing insanely at the obvious absurdity of them. His writing technique is flawless, based on the big lie technique – tell it straight up, tell it often enough, and ignorant masses will tend to believe it. In a current TIME magazine article Brzezinski does this extremely well. Continue reading

Totalitarianism: It Can Happen Here by Paul Street

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by Paul Street
Dissident Voice
August 23rd, 2008

Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism
By Sheldon Wolin
(Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0691135665
ISBN-13: 978-0691135663 Continue reading

The Saakashvili Experiment By Ramzy Baroud

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Sent to me by Jason Miller from Thomas Paine’s Corner. Thanks, Jason.

By Ramzy Baroud

Just as the world’s attention was focused on China’s Beijing Olympics, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, on 7 August, invaded the tiny breakaway province of South Ossetia. The initial attack on the South Ossetian capital, Tskninvali, soon extended to an all out war, which eventually invited Russia’s wrath, and the death of thousands of innocent civilians on both sides.

Prior to Saakashvili’s war, little was known about the political specifics of that area and the brewing decades-long territorial disputes which date back to the early 20th century, highlighted during an intense civil war that followed the break-up of the Soviet Union and its satellite states. Georgia’s successful secession from the Soviet grip, understandably, inspired independence fervour in ethnic regions within Georgia. The small region of South Ossetia — majority ethnic Russians and minority Georgians — sought to join the North Ossetian province, which remained part of Russia. Another region was Abkhazia, whose protracted fight with the central Georgian government has also provoked much violence.

The fact that South Ossetia belongs to Georgia was hardly contested. Even Russia has long recognised Georgian sovereignty in that region. Russia, nonetheless, remained largely involved in South Ossetia — mostly as a “peacekeeping force”, rationalising such involvement as essential for the national security of the country and the safety of its citizens. Most South Ossentians — like Abkhazians — hold Russian citizenship.

But setting such rationale aside, the fact is that South Ossetia is an important component in Russian foreign policy, and particularly its policy and attitude towards former Soviet republics and satellite states in Eastern Europe. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Cold War was transformed into a political scramble: the US and NATO expanded their boundaries of influence and territorial outreach, while Russia struggled to maintain a level of influence and halt the encroachment of the US-led NATO.

Georgia, situated strategically between Russia, the Black Sea, Turkey and Iran, deserved due attention. The US became keenly interested in ensuring the inclusion of Georgia into its sphere of influence. Through dedicated efforts, a pro-Western leader, Saakashvili, came to power through a highly televised “Rose Revolution”. While the integrity of the elections that followed and the role of the CIA in concocting and ensuring the success of the “revolution” are still intensely debated, the fact is Georgia fell into a new sphere of influence. Saakashvili is a man desperate for European-US validation. He too sought NATO membership and heedlessly invited Israeli military “specialists” to modernise his country’s armed forces in anticipation of a battle with Russia.

Evidently, Georgia’s leader knew well that a victory against Russia was unattainable. By embarking on a war against a tiny province, because, as he claimed, he ran out of patience, Saakashvili was following a script that was hardly of his own writing. The logic behind the war was to test Russia’s resolve, and the readiness of its newest president, Dmitri Medvedev. A hesitant Russian response would be taken as another sign of weakness or lack of political and military decisiveness in Moscow, which might also inspire more such experiments. Too harsh a response could also be decried as “genocide” and war crimes and could be exploited to compel Russia’s weaker neighbours to seek the protection of NATO.

This is what indeed transpired since Russia called off military actions 13 August.

First, leaders of pro-US countries in the region — namely, Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia — attended a rally in support of Georgia’s Saakashvili on 14 August in Tbilisi. The televised event was accompanied by a flood of experts pedaling Russia’s evil intents to the world media while promoting a larger US role to ensure the independence of these nations and to preserve their fragile democracies. “They’re all seriously worried that it’s Georgia today and one of them tomorrow,” surmised Krzysztof Bobinski, director of the Warsaw-based Unia & Polska Foundation.

Second, the Russian response to Georgia’s war in South Ossetia has resulted in a remarkable breakthrough in negotiations between the US and East European countries regarding the Bush administration’s plans for a new missile defence shield. On 14 August, “Poland and the US signed a deal to build a controversial missile defence shield in Eastern Europe,” reported the British Telegraph newspaper. “The agreement highlights how Russia’s invasion of Georgia has prompted a swift reappraisal of the region’s security and alliances. The US and Poland have been talking about the missile shield for a year but rushed to cement their alliance in the wake of this week’s conflict.”

It’s rather interesting how a controversial and unpopular plan that has raised the ire of the Polish people — 70 per cent of the country is against it — was overcome within days of war and is now embraced as a necessary deterrent. One cannot help but question the relationship between the decision to invade South Ossetia, which was certain to compel some Russian response, and the rush to embrace Bush’s military designs in that region. The plan to place missiles in Poland seemed like a resounding failure as late as last month when US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “tried and failed just before leaving for Europe on Monday [7 July] to seal a deal to place missiles in Poland, the State Department said,” according to CNN. Now Poland is all for it. It return, Poland would receive US assistance in overhauling its military, reminiscent of the Israeli-US efforts in aiding Georgia’s military, which emboldened the latter to pursue war with Russia.

While Russia’s decisive response to Saakashvili’s war may have temporarily reaffirmed Russia’s military readiness, it has already provided the needed justification for greater US-NATO intervention in Georgia, Poland, the Czech Republic and elsewhere. That US presence might be welcomed by the unnerved “democratic” leaders of these states but it will pique the fury of Russia, whose political radars are intercepting the Bush administration’s every move in the region with great alarm.

The ceasefire between Russia and Georgia, achieved through French mediation, will hardly be the end of the new Cold War underway in an area too accustomed to cold wars. The fact is that Russia will fight to break away from the pro- US ring of former Soviet states that promise to undermine its influence in a Eurasia, and the US will do its utmost to maintain a level of tension, if not hostilities in the region, for without it neither a missile shield nor the 270 billion barrels of oil in the Caspian basin can be brought within Washington’s reach.

Ramzy Baroud ( is an author and editor of His work has been published in many newspapers and journals worldwide. His latest book is The Second Palestinian Intifada: A Chronicle of a People’s Struggle (Pluto Press, London).


Pat Buchanan: Georgia started the war + It’s like the Cold War

Planning For Cold War And Beyond + Full spectrum dominance

The Eurasian Corridor: Pipeline Geopolitics & the New Cold War by Michel Chossudovsky

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NATO suspends contact with Russia over Georgia

Bush to Putin, “Get out now!” Putin to Bush, “Nyet!” By Mike Whitney


Obama makes Veep choice; McCain is bidin’ his time



by R J Shulman
Dandelion Salad
featured writer
Robert’s blog post

Aug 23, 2008

PHOENIX – While Senator Joe Biden will make his first appearance today in Springfield, Illinois as Barack Obama’s running mate, the McCain camp will continue to play the waiting game regarding their Vice Presidential choice. “Let those name calling Commie Democrat traitors have their day,” McCain told the Post Times Sun Dispatch, “but soon they will be shaking like brie eating Frenchmen waving white flags when they see who I’m going to pick.”

In contention for the GOP choice is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, General David Petraeus, and the dark horse, Ron Paul. “I don’t thinkicate that McCain will pick that RuPaul, in fact I know he won’t pick that RuPaul” said President Bush, “but wait until the surprise secret gets out that we’ve been protecticating so well and it’s too bad I can’t tell you that secret is that in the Veep spot will be none other than my brother Jeb. The American people must understand that we will get Florida for sure without having to cheat fair and square this time.”

“Now that Obama has chosen a well respected senator with impeccable foreign policy experience,” said Gerald Steetor, a top Washington pundit, “speculation is that McCain will counter with an equally impressive choice which I believe will be the person Dick Cheney tells him to pick.” A McCain spokesman said that the Arizona Senator will not be making any announcement until he completes an accurate count of the houses he owns.

“It’s a misplaced emphasis to count on who the running mate will be to secure a win in November,” said Karl Rove, “you need to count on who is counting the votes in November to secure that victory.”


McCain to announce VP choice by telegraph + McCain to pick Ronald Reagan as VP

Bill Moyers Journal: Denver Reality + China 2008 + Journalist Philip Pan

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Bill Moyers Journal
August 22, 2008

Denver Reality

With celebrations set to kick off in Denver for the Democratic National Convention, the JOURNAL travels to Colorado where tough economic times are hitting suburban communities.

Video link and transcript

China 2008

More than 30 years after the Nixons visited China, where do relations, and finances, stand?

Video link and transcript

Journalist Philip Pan

When Beijing was chosen to host the 2008 Olympic games, China pledged to improve its human rights records. And before the games, the government announced that Beijing would have three designated “protest zones” where citizens would be allowed to gather and seek public redress — after filing the proper paperwork.

But, as the Olympics progressed, the protest zones remained empty. According to the government, of the 77 requests received, 74 were withdrawn after the grievances were redressed through the proper channels, and the remainder were rejected as incomplete or against the law. Eyewitnesses, though, report that several of the applicants were taken away by plainclothes police and many are still missing.

Video link and transcript

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Brian Conley and other American activists Detained in Beijing

Nader: Excluded From Saddleback Church

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The exclusion of independent and third party presidential candidates from the Saddleback Church Forum, held on Saturday August 16th, can only be interpreted as an endorsement of the two corporate parties by the church. We made our presence known and stood in solidarity with supporters of various candidates and causes which would not be heard that night.

Join us on August 27 in Denver during the Democratic National Convention to demand our inclusion in future presidential debates and forums.

music by DJ Infamy

Continue reading

Media Observer: Olbermann: Retire the “Special Comment”

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Sent to me by Jason Miller from Thomas Paine’s Corner. Thanks, Jason.

By Maryscott O’Connor

Simulposted with the Thomas Paine’s Corner and Greanville Journal

Keith Olbermann is very good at soundbite polemic; the rise in popularity of Countdown has at least as much to do with his inarguably charming personality as with Olbermann’s ability to transform complex issues of modern political science into televised Reader’s Digest versions both palatable and comprehensible to today’s harried and confused American citizen. Olbermann’s genuinely outraged Special Comments — the ones he aimed at Bush when he first started offering them on Countdown — were things of beauty.

Lately, however, they’ve lost their impact. It started with the one he aimed at Hillary Clinton. They have become, successively, less effective with each attempt.

If he wishes to preserve the power of this particular element in his arsenal, if indeed it remains salvageable, Keith Olbermann ought to retire the “Special Comment.” He must reserve its use for the truly heinous, the truly momentous, the truly “Special” — or risk its becoming yet another Countdown number, no more nor less notable or effective a propaganda tool than the “Worst Persons” or “Bushed.”

Those of us on the left and even many “in the middle” rightly applaud Countdown’s consistent provision of much-needed balance and correction to the onslaught of misinformation from the rest of corporate news networks’ baffling combination of reciting dictation from the GOP and constant omission of basic facts and glaring errors and missteps of the Bush Administration and, more recently, the McCain campaign for the Presidency.

The outrage Olbermann felt as he read aloud his very first Special Comment was palpable. And I shared it; we all did. Thus was born the Special Comment.

If it has lost its initial, undeniable potency (and I would argue it has and that, moreover, Olbermann risks transforming this now semi-regular editorial commentary into a merely erudite version of the Andy Rooney screed), it is because Olbermann has begun using these polemics as political weapons — trying, that is, to use them as such — instead of presenting them as he did in the beginning — as the infuriated remonstrances of a man who had, to that point, endeavoured desperately to maintain equanimity in the face of increasing insanity and finally refused to continue even bothering to pretend to pretend that ANYTHING sane remained in the world about which he gave his nightly reports.

Perhaps, spurred by the liberal and well-deserved praise his righteous and eloquent indignation elicited, Keith got carried away. After a few more Special Comments aimed at “Still President” Bush, Olbermann found other targets in Clinton and McCain… and his prose gradually became more prosaic and less puissant.

Case in point: His latest, regarding John McCain, while as always a well-constructed diatribe, might very well have been written by any number of Obama supporters. It lacks nothing in the way of facts, passion or a genuine basis for indignation; McCain has behaved abominably and Olbermann is correct in his analysis and disparagement of the candidate and the man.

Nevertheless, the frequency of these “Special” Comments and the essentially de rigueur character of the behaviour for which Olbermann takes McCain to task in this latest philippic combine to transform what began as a savagely incisive and dynamic rhetorical instrument into mere soothing anodyne to the liberal viewer — and perhaps a guarantor of said viewer’s patronage.

If Mr. Olbermann wishes to maintain his position as an editorialist on a news network whose commentary occasionally reaches Olympian heights of elocutionary brilliance, he should consider giving his Special Comments a hiatus for the duration of the Presidential campaign and perhaps hand the baton of daily expostulation to CNN’s Jack Cafferty, whose most recent commentary may be a smoke signal to MSNBC communicating his willingness to jump ship:

Throughout the evening, McCain chose to recite portions of his stump speech as answers to the questions he was being asked. Why? He has lived 71 years. Surely he has some thoughts on what it all means that go beyond canned answers culled from the same speech he delivers every day.

One after another, McCain’s answers were shallow, simplistic, and trite. He showed the same intellectual curiosity that George Bush has — virtually none.

Where are John McCain’s writings exploring the vexing moral issues of our time? Where are his position papers setting forth his careful consideration of foreign policy, the welfare state, education, America’s moral responsibility in the world, etc., etc., etc.?

John McCain graduated 894th in a class of 899 at the Naval Academy at Annapolis. His father and grandfather were four star admirals in the Navy. Some have suggested that might have played a role in McCain being admitted. His academic record was awful. And it shows over and over again whenever McCain is called upon to think on his feet.

A disingenuous display of objectivity is not the point of shelving the Special Commentary for the duration of the Presidential Campaign. Only a fool would believe Keith Olbermann a neutral observer of these political proceedings. No, my suggestion is in service of preserving the “specialness” of the Special Comment itself. Frankly, there is nothing Special enough about John McCain to warrant another epistle written directly to him. Olbermann’s viewers are all too aware of McCain’s pernicious failings and the ills that would befall this nation should his campaign and the right wing succeed in torturing the electoral system sufficiently to guarantee a McCain victory in November. Let the facts, as illuminated so expertly in the Countdown format, speak for themselves. Do not waste another Special moment on the venial sins of John McCain.

If Mr. Olbermann does feel moved to create another of his incandescent jeremiads, perhaps he ought to let the unsparing glare of light and righteous rage fall upon someone who truly deserves to hear the unvarnished truth about the damage caused by her actions — and inactions: Nancy “Impeachment is off the table” Pelosi.

Senior Contributing Editor Maryscott O’Connor is also editor in chief and founder of


Olbermann Special Comment: McCain, Grow Up! 08.18.08


Keith Olbermann

Mosaic News – 8/22/08: World News from the Middle East

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This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


Mosaic needs your help! Donate here:
“‘Free Gaza’ Boats Set Sail from Cyprus to Break Israeli Blockade,” Al Jazeera TV, Qatar
“Syria Supports Russian Operations in the Caucasus,” Dubai TV, UAE
“Turkey Remains Neutral,” Al-Alam TV, Iran
“Salafis & Hezbollah Reach Agreement,” Al Arabiya TV, UAE
“Fighting Resumes in Somalia,” Al Jazeera English, Qatar
“Lebanese Women Recruited for Tourism Police,” NBN TV, Lebanon
“Algeria: al-Qaeda Connection,” Link TV, USA
Produced by Jamal Dajani

Vodpod videos no longer available.