Inside Iraq: American master plan with Robert Fisk

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My gosh, this is difficult to watch.  This is the worst interview I’ve seen.  Who is this guy, Brad Blakeman?  And why was he invited to do this show?  Wonder if Fisk will ever do another show with Al Jazeera?  ~ Lo


Since the end of the Cold War a decade ago, the U.S. has gone to war in Iraq, Somalia, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan.

Supporters say the interventions are humanitarian deployments to stop aggression, to topple dictatorships, or to halt what they describe as terrorism.

Critics argue that with the US possessing unprecedented economic and military strength, American leaders have openly embraced the idea of imposing its ambitions on to the world.

However, after each U.S. intervention, the attention of supporters and critics alike has turned to speculate on which countries would be next.



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6 thoughts on “Inside Iraq: American master plan with Robert Fisk

  1. Look: these far right ideologues know that they’re lying, and they know that everyone else knows too, and they do it anyway just to rub in your face that they can get away with it. Ideologues do not reason, nor are they impressed by facts. Expect nothing more from these besuited thugs and their spokesmen.

  2. I kept thinking that he must be delusional. I’ve watched a lot of these “Inside Iraq” shows and they usually do have guests with differing opinions but this has to be the very worst I’ve seen. What a waste. This could have been a very informative piece with Robert Fisk.

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