In Denver, Police and Protesters Try to Prepare for Each Other

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By Eli Saslow
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, August 24, 2008; Page A06

DENVER — To the uninformed visitor, it has become difficult to tell whether Denver is preparing for a Democratic National Convention or the institution of martial law. Helicopters filled with armed commandos swooped over downtown in a training exercise earlier this summer. A warehouse was converted into a temporary jail with chain-link fences and signs threatening the use of electric stun devices. Travel agents sold getaway packages to locals, with one company imploring residents to “escape town while you still can.”

Hosting a convention necessitates preparing for the worst, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper said, and his city has accomplished that with gusto. The possibility of protesters hurling buckets of feces? Denver proposed an ordinance to prevent it. The threat of crowd violence? The city spent $2.1 million on “personal protection equipment” for police.

In Denver, Police and Protesters Try to Prepare for Each Other –

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6 thoughts on “In Denver, Police and Protesters Try to Prepare for Each Other

  1. Catseye, I’m hoping that there will be many video and still cameras being used throughout the week. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if one or more agent provacateurs started something just so they can round up as many protesters as possible to use their new “cage” jail that they set up. Hopefully, if something does happen it will be captured on video/camera.

    Ash, I can only imagine how the traffic is, and most of the visitors don’t know their way around your city.

    Good one, Brian.

    Hi leapsecond. Will be posting more stories as the videos and reports become available.

  2. Ummmmm……Leapsecond……

    Ever hear the term “agent provocateur”?

    If not, allow me to explain. An agent provocateur is someone who commits violent acts that will be blamed on legitimate protesters. They’ve been around since the ’60’s at least.

    If there are “stupid things” done at the convention, you may be 99.99% sure that an agent provocateur was responsible.

  3. It is what it is…
    I live in the Denver Metro area, and traffic was pretty lame this morning… this is what happens when you throw in ~ 50,000 more people (who drive like they don’t know where they’re going) into an already small city.

  4. I had a good laugh last night when Brian Williams of NBC was reporting from inside the Convention Hall. He complained that it took over an hour to clear security. He must have thought that after being in Beijing for the Games he would return home to a free country. Guess he was wrong.

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