Denver is a complete police state by Manila Ryce

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By Manila Ryce
The Largest Minority
Published Sunday, August 24th, 2008, 11:13 pm

Not much time to blog folks, so please excuse my brief description of a complex situation.

Denver is a complete police state, and I say that without exaggeration. The sheer number of law enforcement officers is easily more than the amount of protesters. Due to the outright promise that protesters in Denver will be beaten, arrested, and locked up in a Gitmo-style warehouse, the numbers aren’t as large as expected. However, there seems to be a strong group of Anarchists who refuse to be intimidated.

Today we demonstrated on a blocked off route, but soon moved into streets which weren’t designated areas. We completely stopped traffic as we moved between honking cars and dance in intersections. Giving credit where credit is due, the police were actually pretty tolerant until we started blocking streets near the capitol building. Officers in riot gear, holding their batons and rubber bullet guns, moved in on us. Two people were singled out and arrested but we stood our ground.

An Update From the DNC – The Largest Minority.


In Denver, Police and Protesters Try to Prepare for Each Other

DNC – Denver CO

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