Clinton Stops Roll Call, Calls To Nominate Obama + Open letter to Obama Supporters

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Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention stopping the roll call and calling for the nomination of Barack Obama. Nancy Pelosi follows with the official nomination.

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Open letter to Obama Supporters


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3 thoughts on “Clinton Stops Roll Call, Calls To Nominate Obama + Open letter to Obama Supporters

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  3. That’s fairly standard procedure to have the losing candidate’s forces ask that the nomination be made unanimous. And it was good political theatre to have the candidate herself make the motion…. BUT why didn’t they let all 50 states have their 90 seconds (or on the case of Montana, who ran on and on and on, 10 minutes) on CSPAN? Or why didn’t they at least wait long enough to allow New York or Illinois to put Obama over the top. He was only about 2/3 of the way to his 2118 votes when Hillary put an end to the voting.

    The answer was probably simply that they wanted to wrap it all up before 5pm Mountain time.

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