Kucinich sets the record straight on O’Reilly

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Sorry video is no longer available.

At the end Dennis tells Bill O that Georgia invaded S Ossetia!  ~ Lo



Vodpod videos no longer available.

h/t: *TINA* & ^ rkymtnrdr ^ & Shanna rEVOLutionary 4 Ron Paul 2008 & USADexter




Wake Up, America! by Dennis Kucinich (DNC speech; vid)

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We’ve Always Been At War With Russia by Cindy Sheehan


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10 thoughts on “Kucinich sets the record straight on O’Reilly

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  5. Dennis dfinitively dominates the discourse.
    Dennis is a great debator.
    Dennis defines democracy.
    Dennis is great.
    I love Dennis Kucinich.
    Long live Dennis Kucinich!!
    Thank you for posting.

  6. I just love how the dweeb runs all that distracting noise in the background to take away from the message Kucinich tries to send. O’Reilly is such a tool.

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  8. How is it possible that people, with a straight face will angrily speak out against russia, and advocate measures that can ONLY lead to aggressive war. People that Demand that we blockade Iran, that we arm every ex-soviet state, and that we attack Iran should it not head our every command. How f^%$^ng arrogant, non-empathetic, ill-willed and blind must you be to aggressively push this as reality…

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