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by Guadamour
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Aug. 29, 2008

Yesterday I received the following bulletin from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s myspace profile:

The idea is this.

If the Obama-Biden ticket is victorious in November, Hillary Clinton can resign her NY Senate seat.

The Governor of Illinois, who is a Democrat, then appoints Hillary Clinton to the Senate seat just vacated by Barack Obama.

After all, Hillary Clinton grew up in Illinois.

Then, Governor Paterson of NY appoints RFK Jr. to the Senate seat just vacated by Hillary Clinton.

Biden will be replaced by a Delaware Democrat.

The Governor of Delaware is Democrat.

Rumor has it, that regardless of the outcome of the Senate race in Maine, either Senator Collins will be replaced by a Democrat, or she will change her party affiliation to The Democratic Party before the new Congress convenes. The same holds true for Senator Snowe of Maine. I expect her to become a Democrat as well. There are a few other Republicans who may switch party affiliations after a Democratic victory across the boards in November.

My response was:

Why would we want more Dumbcrats? The Dumbcrats are complicit in the crimes of the Bush Regime. The problem is the two party system, not a lack of Dumbcrats or Repugnacans!

Their response to me was:

Have you ever been accused of idiocy?

I tried to respond to the rude response from the  Kennedy staffer (I can’t believe Robert Kennedy would write something like that), but discovered I had been removed from their “friends,” and could not answer because they only accepted messages from “friends.”

No!   I have never been accused of idiocy, though I used to be idiotic enough to have some faith in the American political system.   Fortunately my eyes have become opened in that regard.  I resent the question.

As for the proposal, why should the governor of New York want to appoint Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Senator assuming all the other events transpired?  He has no political experience, and aside from the fact that his father was Attorney General, his uncle President, and his grandfather a bootlegger who happened to corner the market on Scotch whiskey imported into the US even to this day, and he was a heroin addict as a young man, is and shares nothing with the common man, he is unqualified.

Appointing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as Senator would be appointing another millionaire to the Senate.

Barack Obama is a millionaire first term Senator with an acute lack of experience.   He allegedly came out against the war in Iraq while he was a Illinois state senator; however, as a US Senator he has never once voted against funding for the war.

His idea of getting out of Iraq is to switch the troops to Afghanistan and possibly into Pakistan.

He has chosen the hawkish millionaire senator from Delaware, Joseph Biden, to be his running mate.    What do Barack Obama and Joseph Biden have in common with the working men and women of the United States of America?    The answer is a resounding nothing!

John McCain, the Senator from Arizona, is probably worth more than Barack Obama and Joseph Biden combined.  The money comes through his second wife.

McCain’s claim to fame comes from being a POW during the Vietnam War.   How does that qualify one to become president?   The McCain’s spend $273,000 a year for butlers and maids in the various houses.   He will undoubtedly chose another millionaire as his running mate,

John McCain is notorious for losing his temper and generally throwing temper tantrums in the Senate.   And this mentally unstable millionaire is who the Republicans are nominating for presidential candidate!

John McCain has absolutely nothing in common with the every day working man and woman

Dennis Kucinich recently delivered a very inspiring speech to the Democratic convention called Wake Up America.

Yes.  Wake Up  America.  Realize that difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is about as much as the difference between Pepsi and Coke.   Both Pepsi and Coke are bad for the health.  They contribute to the epidemics of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.   The Democrats and Republicans are both equally as bad for the health of the nation.  They routinely overspend, sanction foreign wars that should be no concern of ours, they work together to ship American jobs overseas among many other detrimental items and they continually accept corporate money and provide corporate welfare while 50 million citizen don’t have health care coverage, and are losing their homes (Congress has bailed out the bankers, but can’t seem to bail out the homeowners).

Wake up supporters of Obama!  What has he done to end the war he allegedly opposes in Iraq?  Why has he continually voted to fund the war?  Why is he a member of the trilateral commission?  Why does he except corporate money and claim that he does not?

Wake up supporters of Obama!   You want to believe Obama says what he has to say to get elected so that he can institute a policy that is good for the country.   This has never happened in the history of the Republic, and if it actually should happen with Obama, the wealthy elite would surely have him assassinated promptly.

Wake up supporters of John McCain!   Unless you are part of the wealthiest 5% of the population John McCain does not represent your interests.  McCain will keep this great nation at war indefinitely while bleeding the people of the country until there is nothing left to give to the corporations.  Wake up supporters of John McCain unless you want to send your sons and daughters to die in foreign wars.   Wake Up John McCain supporters unless you want $10.00 a gallon gasoline!

Wake up Dennis Kucinich if you feel that you can affect change within the Democratic party.  It hasn’t happened in over two hundred years, and is not going to start now!

Wake up Robert F. Kennedy, Jr if you foolishly believe that a large Democratic majority in Congress will change anything.  The Democrats are as complicit in Corporate Fascism as the Republicans.

And wake up, please, all you people who say you are throwing your vote away by voting for a third party candidate.  By voting either Democrat or Republican you are voting for the continuation of corporate power, corporate lobbyists, fixed elections, a revolving door between the halls of Congress and Corporate Boardrooms among other wonderful things.

Yes.   Please Wake Up America to the corrupt and anti-democratic and anti-republican principles enshrined in the “two” party system.   The two sides of the same bought and paid for coin.

Wake Up America unless you want to have the best politicians money can buy and that corporations can influence all they want to lead you and your children and grandchildren down the road to bankruptcy and ruin while providing almost unlimited corporate welfare.

Listen to the Alarm Clock.  It’s Ringing Loud!


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  2. I was myspace friends with a famous actor who has been crusading against the international military industrial complex lately. I, similarly, sent an email pointing out that the Dems are as heavily involved in that complex as the Pubs, in response to some Pro-Obama blog post, and got a similar message back – very rude, but lacking the word “idiot”.

    That and the disappointment I felt when Springsteen endorsed Obama made me realize something I knew before, but couldn’t quite accept emotionally: you can’t count on people who are already fat cats in the system (however sincere) to change the system. It’s the hundreds of millions of us who are not fat cats who have to change it.

    Well, admittedly, there’s Sean Penn and Tim Robbins and a few others who seem to ‘get it’…

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