Federico Fuentes on latest developments in Bolivia (audio)

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August 27, 2008Federico Fuentes, Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal’s and Green Left Weeklys Latin America correspondent based in Venezuela and editor of Bolivia Rising, talks with Latin Radical about the recent referendum in Bolivia. It was called by Bolivia’s Indigenous president, Evo Morales. In spite of right-wing calls to defeat the referendum (and continuing threats from the wealthy eastern provinces to split the country into “autonomous” states) the referendum victory strengthened the position of a president who is introducing reforms that phase out the negative influence of multinational corporations and global privatisation.

[Note: although the voice quality is clear there is some static and radio interference in this interview, which begins about seven minutes into the interview.]

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Part 2

On the situation in Bolivia, Fuentes looks at the role of the military, which after several hundred years of dominating the politics of Bolivia, seems to be changing with a new era of social reform.

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  1. Dandi,
    the weight[taxing]of “Law&Order”, effects the govt. agents[mil., law, el al.] also!
    Wakey wakey, “we” all pay, and pay,
    for petty crime, and thrid strike stay.

    I say if the rich want to incarcerate the people, then let the rich support the prisons systems out of their own pockets, instead of giving rich tax breaks..

    Rescind Nuisance[appropriately named] Laws,
    True Freedom and Justice.

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