Sen. Barack Obama Acceptance Speech 2008 DNC (full video)

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For those looking for his speech on Election night: Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech Nov. 4, 2008


Aug 28, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) accepts his party’s nomination for President and speaks to the 2008 Democratic National Convention.




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7 thoughts on “Sen. Barack Obama Acceptance Speech 2008 DNC (full video)

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  4. I don’t think Obama is a prodigy. I think he’s just a little smart (which in politics equates to a lot smart) and a lot ambitious. I think his acceptance speech was a very poor effort. I thought it lacked originality. I thought it was full of vague boilerplate. As usual, the best bit was stolen (let’s say borrowed). I thought it lacked coherence or momentum. And a number of its key points would have fit just as well in the mouth of a Republican.

    Kucinich? There’s a little problem there. Kucinich has good ideas, but he’s not a leader, as far as I can tell. He doesn’t like the risks of being out in front and prefers to be a gadfly. And it seems to me that if he really believed the things he says, he’d be out stumping for Nader, right now. So he made a splash at the Democratic convention and that was good for his ego. But his leverage counts for exactly nothing in the Democratic Party. IT could count for a lot outside it.

  5. He’s good, no doubt. A political prodigy.
    But Dennis Kucinch would have been the great leader. Shame on amerigaah for not seeing that.

    Not even the neo-centrist Obama will sway this electorate, they are daft warmongering goons to their very cores. Proud of that, folks?

    50 some-odd years into the era of Mutual Assured Destruction and you-all STILL espouse war and ‘amerigaah uber alles’ as your credo, and would put some moose-grinding burger-eating redneck goon in charge of the button ?

    You people may deserve what you get, but the rest of life on earth does not.

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