Putin accuses US of staging Georgia conflict (Gareth Porter)

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Gareth Porter: The US is going to use a double standard to condemn Russia


cnn/Putin transcript


Eric Margolis: The US Created a Crisis in Georgia

Back to the future: “Chaos and instability Washington’s officlal policy line”

Ron Paul: Why are we provoking the Russians?

Russia Today: Alex Jones: Sneaky attack on the Russian enclaves

Biden, Obama & The Blood-Dimmed Tide + Tongue of Flame by Chris Floyd

Kucinich sets the record straight on O’Reilly


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  8. cool. I thought it was kinda’ odd that no one recognized Glenn, even after he said they were from Salon. He looks just like the cartoon rendering on his blog. ; )

  9. y/w. Glenn and Jane have a good writeup on Glenn’s blog, and I guess they are going to be there for the whole thing? that’ll be good.

    I found a few good indy feeds for the RNC, that I put up on my d/v blog as feed widgets, from Minnesota Independent, Twin Cities Indymedia and The Uptake, as well as RNC Welcoming Committee. if you use a feed reader, might want to plug those in. I use the Sage extension and it works ok.

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