Anti-RNC activists respond to police raids, convergence space reopens + update

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By Andy Birkey
8/30/08 8:36 PM

Hours after being raided and shut down by Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher, the RNC Welcoming Committee “convergence space” reopened. Peace activists from around the country gathered to condemn the police raids and a lawyer from the National Lawyers Guild gave his take on the raids: police are intentionally sweeping up activists to prevent them from participating in protests at the Republican National Convention.

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Pre-RNC police raids: reporters’ notebook

By Andy Birkey
8/30/08 10:23 PM

It’s been a long day for activists and citizen journalists as a series of police raids on the homes of anti-RNC activists has raised anxieties just 48 hours from the Republican National Convention. The following are late breaking bits and pieces:

MinnPost has a copy of the search warrant for 2301 23rd Ave (PDF) as well as the reactions of council member Gary Schiff, in whose ward two houses were raided.

“I’m disappointed, to say the least,” Schiff said. “Targeting political organizers in a pre-emptive strike is a tactic from the ’60s. This country is better than that.”

Thus far, six activists have been arrested and several hundred others detained at one point over the last 24 hours. The six that have been arrested were sent to Ramsey County Jail. Coldsnap Legal Collective is organizing vigils for those in jail.

Minnesota Independent: News. Politics. Media. » Pre-RNC police raids: reporters’ notebook.

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