Catherine Austin Fitts: Addicted to Drug Profits + Navigate The Falling Dollar (2004)

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Clip from “The Truth and Lies of 9-11” (2004)
Catherine Austin Fitts…

There is little doubt that our economy is based on the suffering of others. International corporations and drug warlords keep our economy afloat. This is achieved by raping the third world through proxy wars and governments, and infusing ill gotten wealth into our economy.

Do we care? Well not if it means that we lose our life style. Truth of the matter we should head for an economy meltdown before we can built a better society. The current speculative market, fiat monetary system, fractional banking (debt based economy) is not a healthy system. It is one that encourages greed and a dog eat dog world.

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Navigate The Falling Dollar

98 min – Nov 30, 2006
Solari, Inc –

The Solari Report

This lecture, titled Safely Navigate the Falling US Dollar – Powerful Strategies for the Ethical Investor in Uncertain Economic Times was presented by Catherine Austin Fitts in Mill Valley, CA, December 15, 2004 to an overflow audience.

Building Wealth and Safety—the Solari Way

We all need maps and tools for navigating these uncertain times. This introduction by Catherine Austin Fitts to the Solari Opportunity, presented before a spirited audience in Northern California, provides a framework for protecting your family and your assets now, while building new wealth in ways that help transform our world. Incubate a Wealth Revolution through a Solari Investor Circle This lecture with audience Q&A provides a balanced approach to coping with such threats as the falling US dollar, economic warfare, and market manipulation. Here Catherine outlines how to “come clean” from a destructive economic system and introduces the Solari Investor Circle, a local investment club for you and the people you trust, to help you start your own wealth-building conspiracy that is entirely under your control—right in your community. Use this lecture to help build a lifeboat in times of economic volatility, and to help you launch a wealth revolution in your home and neighborhood.


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