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ChangeDaChannel·Sep 1, 2008

Seven years after 9/11, the supposed mastermind behind the attacks is still at large, and the nation is entrenched in multiple wars in the Middle East.
Featuring interviews with:
Michael J. Springman – Visa Dept. Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Cynthia McKinney – Former Member of Congress
Bo Dietl – Former N.Y.P.D Detective
Barry Jennings – World Trade Center 7 Survivor
Joe Biden – U.S. Senator DE


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The Truth & Lies of 9/11


Sibel Edmonds (archive of posts)


9 thoughts on “Fabled Enemies

  1. “Man”, DS, you sure do seem to be a real 9/11 Truther. I don’t know about Jason Bermas’s Fabled Enemies yet, not having viewed, it, but somehow came across this page today and while I had previously thought to only know of good of your blog, I didn’t spend more than very little time with DS in the past; due to, well, ya know, there are MANY websites. For some years, my main focus was http://www.globalresearch.ca and commondreams.org, but CD is often a pro-“left media” website, and many reader comments are pointless, non-educational, only people wanting to express emotions, hardly any CD’ers providing useful links, while GR has no means for posting comments and eliminated its former discussion forum, but while having remained good for feature articles and some news articles. Oddly, however, I haven’t seen any articles by Stephen Lendman there for many months, yet, he continues to be associated with GR. (Maybe there was some spat between him and Michel Chossudovsky, but if this is the case, then perhaps they need a moderator, and I could volunteer for this role.)

    Stephen, based on what I’ve seen at ADS, AfterDowningStreet.org, for his articles over the past few months, however, seems to have a particular focus on the torture of “GWoT” detainees and while this is an important issue, it’s only a related issue. It’s only one of the many awful crimes of the overall “GWoT” for U.S elites’ empire, empire building, that is (even if their building really spells decline).

    They’d FLUNK basic construction courses, if any of them ever cared to try to take a course in a practical subject area.

    Anyway, I haven’t viewed Fabled Enemies yet and while the title is one I can fittingly make use of, I can’t personally say anything about the contents of the film. I have read a review of it, however, and this was by Jeremy R. Hammmond of ForeignPolicyJournal.com (or dot … whatever the domain extension is). I know nothing about him or FPJ, however, and doing a Google search for articles by him at globalresearch.ca, I see that there are around four by him there, and I think GR is certainly among recommendable websites; definitely not being a “left-gatekeeper” sort of website, and not being racist, etcetera, either.

    His review article is, “A Review of Jason Bermas’s Fabled Enemies”, Oct. 11th, 2008, for which there’s a copy at DissidentVoice.org, which is or has been, part-time anyway, a “left-gatekeeper” website in terms of 9/11 Truth movement and research, as can be learned at Jim Hoffman’s 911review.com or else at 911research.wtc7.net, both of which are very good resources even if a few inconsistencies, that have understandably become present in some of the content, need correction. I had an email exchange with Jim Hoffman over the past week and he welcomes suggestions for pages that contain inconsistencies, while the ones I’m speaking of are about whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11 (in some pages he only says AA 77 hit, while other pages says 77 or else another 757 hit, f.e.). Like myself and others, we once believed some things and came to realise that we were wrong, but he’s human and can’t be expected to go through all of the content of his websites (also has wtc7.net or .com) to check for the inconsistencies and then correct them. He welcomes emails for pointers.

    Anyway, Jeremy Hammond provides a critique of Fabled Enemies, pointing out some flaws in, like Jason having over-sensationalized some aspects, and presented speculation as if verified fact, but nevertheless gives the documentary a recommendation; that is, says it’s recommendable. If he’s right about the flaws that he wrote about, however, then people should read the review before viewing the film, imo. I’ll view the film, but believe it’s better to know in advance of what to expect.

    I have viewed Jason Bermas’s more recent film, “Invisible Empire”, and appreciate much or most of it, but some of it either could have been left out, or at least desensationalized. There’s a lot of historical information in this film he directed that I appreciate and wish to take note of, but the Alex Jones Network people need to work on being less sensationalistic in their approach(es). It’s one thing to be emphatic about an issue; it’s another thing to SENSATIONALISE (ZE).

    Loose Change 1 was pitiful dis- and mis-info. LC 2 was but, but evidently remaining pitiful; just a little less than the first edition. LC 3, aka Final Cut, was better, but still not professionally perfect. Fabled Enemies, according to Jeremy Hammond, is better than all three LC editions, yet still has remarkable flaws. And I found that some of Invisible Empire should either have been excluded, or presented in a professional, non-sensationalistic, … manner.

    Critically objective thinking and, therefore, analysis, is not what these filmmakers were raised to be and if they wish to be real documentary filmmakers, then they need to become critically objective and stop sensationalising topics or issues, stop presenting their or other people’s speculations that haven’t been verified as fact-based, and so on. It’s very easy to say, “This is what I or we think, ….”. It’s very bad to pretend that what we think without it being carefully and competently verified is fact-based.

    They need to apply a scientific approach when deciding what to include in their documentaries.

    However, the LC team members have evidently made notable improvements and, therefore, merit to be credited for this.

    I will view Fabled Enemies. There’s surely some good in this that is of value, for educational purposes.

    None of us is perfect. I also believed that it was likely that no plane hit the Pentagon, until having begun to spend considerable time reading through Jim Hoffman’s website weeks ago; and like he says in some of his pages, he also once believe the “no-plane” theory. To be able to progress is human.

    Now what about our so-called leaders?

    • Thanks, Mike. I post a lot of different stuff from different points of view, there’s always something to learn. I watched Jason’s latest film and posted it on my vodpod (along with a lot of videos every day that I don’t have time to post here). I had a few problems with it, but I would still recommend others to view it and think for themselves.



      Jeremy Hammond is one of the Featured Writers for Dandelion Salad, so I’ll have to look up that older post of his and post it some time.


      • Probably no one other than yourself, DS, and myself will ever know about these 2010 posts, but I’ll post this additional one anyway.

        People can also and alternatively download .ogg (401 MB), .mp4 (a little larger), and .wmv (701 MB) copies at archive.org, or can view the film online there in, I believe, Quicktime format. I always download serious documentaries from there to be able to view them in a separate media player, like KMPlayer and GOM Player, f.e. (Some people use Videolan’s VLC, a few use Media Player Classice Home Cinema, …, and some people just use the lesser WMP. KMPlayer’s very good, and like with VLC, we can copy the link that can be used for download a .mp4, f.e, and have these media players open the files, the URLs, that is.)

        That frees up the Web browser, which I regularly need to do; often anyway. When I view several even short Youtube videos, then this tends to seriously or severely impact Firefox’s performance or responsiveness. Ustream.tv is a problem in this respect, but even short clips at Youtube don’t require many to be played before screwing up Firefox and dragging my free RAM down to very little; sometimes virtually none at all.

        So archive.org is great because it provides very easy, actually immediate, download links and there are always, or very nearly always, at least two formats to choose from, .ogg and .mp4. Fabled Enemies has an extra .wmv, which is probably the first time I’ve seen this at the website.


        I just finished viewing that documentary and it’s very good. It’s also the first time I’ve learned about the Bush administration having taken the Cipro anthrax antibiotic, at all, let alone SIX weeks or beginning six weeks BEFORE the October 2001 anthrax attacks.

        Unfortunately, when Fabled Enemies presents that topic, the doomsday warfare plane that can be used to replace the Pentagon if it’s ever disabled or “put out of commission” due to attacks, the film does not include the film footage of the E-4B flying very near the WTC Towers when one or else both were struck. There are video clips for this at Youtube and they can be easily found by searching the site for “doomsday plane” and “mystery plane”, for separate searches though. Adding “9/11” might be necessary to refine the search, but perhaps not. There’s some excellent footage of the E-4B flying at some distance, but nevertheless visible, from the WTC, and there’s footage of the plane rather close to the WTC when it was struck.

        I read that there are four and five E-4Bs and I am not sure which was the accurate number on 9/11, but one article that said that there were a total of four said that three had been part of the military aerial war games that morning. If those numbers are right, then I guess the E-4B that was seen very near the WTC when the strikes happened there was the same plane seen by many people and captured on news media footage when the Pentagon was struck.

        Many people witnessed the plane over the Capitol. One woman who was just across the street from the White House caught a snapshot of the plane as it flew overhead and at low altitude with her Pentax camera. The article that I read about this in is the following one.

        “The 911 Mystery Plane (Part I)”, by Mark H Gaffney, April 5, 2007


        A link for Part II is provided at the top of Part I.

        About the woman who took the snapshot with her Pentax, he says:

        “She snapped the picture before the towering plume of smoke became visible at the pentagon, which suggests that the E-4B was already circling at the time of the pentagon strike. Linda later contacted the FBI about her photograph. After she developed the film an agent came by her office to pick up a copy. But she never heard back. Nor did the 9/11 Commission ask her to testify. In fact, they never even contacted her.[8]”

        One of the video clips I viewed last week at Youtube about this plane included statements by some witnesses, or maybe I read about this. I’m pretty sure it was a video at YT though and one witness said that the E-4B, at it appeared to him, was flying directly over AA 77 such that the E-4B could escape detection on radar. Others said that they saw the E-4B flying very close to AA 77, and this was rather shortly before 77 struck the Pentagon.

        The following 9/11 Timeline page from Paul Thompson provides additional infornation about the E-4B and this is very interesting. I came across a link to the page over the past few days; maybe at DS (?).

        “Profile: Steve O’Brien”


        Many witnesses, and constant denials from the Bush administration and US govt.

        I didn’t learn anything from Fabled Enemies other than the Cipro antiobiotics taken by the Bush-Cheney administration and didn’t initially like the many short clips of news reports, but I came to actually appreciate these clips. For someone little informed about the 9/11 Truth research and findings, the film might drive them crazy due to it lacking depth, but I appreciate the film for the fact that it provides me with reminders.

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  7. DS

    I watched this this morning. Bermas has done a great job, and there are many hanging questions in relation to the identity of the attackers.

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