RNC Mole, attorney David Anderson, Outed by Twin Cities Indymedia

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The Friday night and Sat raids couldn’t have taken place without infiltrators (traitors).  Please be aware of “new” people interested in participating in your organization or group without references from others in the group.  Beware of anyone who has a current/recent drug arrest as they are often used by police to get out of their own arrest.  ~ Lo


Submitted by haloka on Mon, 09/01/2008 – 19:01.

Confession of an RNC mole on a Minnesota solo practice attorney listserve. The name of the attorney/mole is David Anderson. This info has been vetted by reliable sources close to TC Indymedia.

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Subject: Re: [solosmall] Beijing, Minnesota

True confessions: I spent 3 hours Sat afternoon + evening in their “Convergence Center” on Smith Ave in St.P, (the location that was “raided” Fri.Night.)

They are EXTREMELY organized, complete with “affiant groups” or cells which have individual assignments and tactics, and Hand signals to specify affirmation or objection to a particular course of action.

I left after a couple of the leaders suspected me of being with the “media”. (I think my use of Deoderant gave me away.)

I am also a Volunteer with Operations @ the RNC.


RNC Mole, attorney David Anderson, Outed by Twin Cities Indymedia | Twin Cities Indymedia – minneapolis – st. paul.

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