Cops cancel Rage at Concert-triggering mass march on Excel Center

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Sept 2, 2008

On the evening of September 2, the cops foolishly chose to prohibit Rage Against the Machine from following several other bands at an existing concert, going backstage and shutting off power. This sent an infuriated crowd of 2,000+ marching on the RNC!

Here are WSQT Guerrilla Radio(DC pirate 88.1) interviews with DC’s own Jay Marx and Adam Eidinger on that canceled Rage concert and what it triggered.

Arrest total has now risen to 300+, but actions just keep coming!

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Riot police form a line as nixed Rage show enrages fans


Police in riot gear prepare for the worst behind the stage at a surprise Rage Against the Machine show gone wrong.

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3 thoughts on “Cops cancel Rage at Concert-triggering mass march on Excel Center

  1. Thank you Dandelion Salad, I have reposted on

    I have a theory on the people discuised in black from head to toe, even the the extent of covering their faces.

    1) People who are protesting War/Violence are proud to be there and would not discuise themselves.

    2) People who protest War/Violence do not condone it and therefore would not be destructing property or putting anyone in harms way or any matter of violence.

    3) I personally believe this group was a plant by the GOP in order to make the protesters look bad.

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